Friday, November 27, 2020

Post Thanksgiving

Winter Lights at the North Carolina Arboretum.  One of the little brown dogs was enjoying himself.  Actually, all three did.

The Arboretum did an excellent job transitioning to drive-through this year.  You'd never know that it had been walk-through before.

It was a lovely Thanksgiving with Sarah and Winnie.  We had such wonderful food from a local co-op grocery.  I think I need to show you a picture of the pumpkin rolls and cranberry compote.  My applesauce might be in the picture too.

I am realizing that I needed to transition to making conversation, being with people.  Except for a few treasured outdoor family meals and popcorn hand-offs, face-to-face time has been limited.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who needs re-entry space.

I had wondered what re-entry might be like, and I feel reassured that it will be quite all right.  A little of re-entry and a little of quarantine life, and the memory of normal times will take over.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope you're watching the parade and looking forward to some delicious food.  Maybe some football.  Some things are still the same!  

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Last Flower


This is most likely the last little flower from the hanging basket from the band fund raiser in the spring.  Six months was a good run.  That last flower is precious.

Yesterday was a warm day and I took out the green porch bulb, replaced it with an adapter, and threaded green LED lights on the railing.  Still carrying out the theme of displaying comfort to Covid families but combining it with Christmas.  

One of my longer term goals is to have outdoor outlets, front and back.  That would be a nice upgrade for my house.

My grand girl started work as a bagger at Kroger yesterday.  Please wear your mask to protect her and the other grocery store employees.

And now, a recount in Georgia.  The anxiety goes on.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Heirloom Stitching



This morning I was looking for a replacement tablecloth for a little antique table and happened on this white one that was just the right size.  It must have been a former work sample, I know I haven't done any heirloom stitching in ages and also no machine embroidery that required any back-to-back placement.  As soon as I get a replacement bottle of the nice spray starch I'll give it a really nice crisp finish, but in the meantime I'm happy enough with it on the little table.

And now I'm wondering "why not?"  Why am I doing so little machine embroidery and fancy stitching?  I stay on the utility stitch grouping on my machine.  Probably because I have been piecing quilts and making masks and doing mending and alterations.  And because I'm not challenged to do the nice things, don't see my friends doing them either.  I know I'm not looking in the right places.  Something to consider.

When I look out over my back yard, I can see a large hospital on a hill, maybe half a mile away, but with an interstate separating us.  Its hospital chain in Northern Kentucky has been sending Covid cases to that one hospital to maximize care.

But now, its 34 ICU beds are full and another hospital has been designated to take the overflow.  These are scary times.

The library is closing again for in-person visits and will have curbside pick-up only.  I had been considering a quick in-and-out visit to pick up a stack of books, now I'll get a list ready.



Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Young May Be Relative


This picture showed up on facebook, as pictures do, and I marveled on how young those grands were.  And how young I was.  But, at the time, probably eleven years ago, if I had asked myself if I was young I would have said "no."

I guess that, in eleven more years, if I am blessed with eleven more, I might look at a picture of myself taken today and think that I was young.  Something to think about.

The bridge news is that it may reopen on December 23.  I'm sure the truckers aren't happy.  Three percent of the country's freight would normally go over that bridge in a day.  The Civil War era suspension bridge is open again, with police at each end to be sure that no semi's drive on it.

Our governor will hold a press conference this afternoon, announcing new restrictions because of Covid.  A few months ago, one of the themes of the negative comments during press conferences was "look at South Dakota, they don't have restrictions or a mask mandate and they have few cases."  And now, they sure do. 

Sunday, November 15, 2020



I'm feeling grateful these days for the little tub of threads that sits under my sewing machine.  When people bring me pants that need a hem or a top that needs mending, I can usually find just the right color at my feet.  My Sundays used to include church, then going to the Joann that is near the church for whatever I needed for the coming week, plus stocking up when things were on sale.  Luckily, I did a lot of stocking up and I have lots of project left-overs too.

My thread for hemming some turquoise dress pants today was just a little less than I needed.  I used machine embroidery thread for the last few inches and that will be fine.  No one will notice the difference.

It's so windy this afternoon, and I love the wind.  As long as the leaves beside the curb waiting for the leaf truck don't blow back into the driveway.  It looks like the last of the leaves are off the big oak tree now.

Friday, November 13, 2020

Catching Up for Today

 I had a Covid test this morning, required for a yearly pulmonary function test scheduled for Monday.  It was at a large academic medical complex, lots of people getting tested.  Masks, hand sanitizing stations, social distancing.  I told myself that even if the positivity rate was 10.0 that would mean that 9 people waiting in line would test negative.  But of course, one would be positive.

I had a really great technician and it was not the horrid experience I had read about.  

Update on that bridge over the Ohio River.  It's still closed but water traffic is open again.  It will take several days to determine what repairs are necessary and if they are, how long that might take.

Another bridge between Cincinnati and Covington, KY,  has been closed, a historic suspension bridge built in the 1860's.  The Roebling Bridge.  Civil War era, just think of that, building a bridge without trucks to haul materials.  

Semi drivers looking to detour would not stay off that bridge, which has a weight limit lower than empty semis.  So, it's now open only to pedestrians.  I hope they can figure out how to keep trucks off but cars moving.

I allowed plenty of time this morning to get across the river for my test this morning but traffic was moving well.  I needed the time, though, to find the building and parking garage, then the testing area.  Lots of good signage to help out.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

All You Have To Do


Shout out to my non-sewer friends.  I love you all.  But I've learned to take it with a grain of salt when you say, "All you have to do is . . ."

A friend recently brought six pairs of her mom's pants for hemming.  "I've already turned them up.  All you have to do is zoom around with your sewing machine."

Except - if I sew on top of the hem that's already there, making a double hem, it's going to be bulky.  And these are nice department store pants.  I'm going to either have to take out the hem that's already there or, if I'm lucky, cut it off.  And, I'm going to measure at least three times before I cut.

I'm going to use my serger to make the raw edges lie really nice and flat and not ravel.  And then I may, unless the pants have a straight leg, have to adjust the leg taper.  If I don't, there will be puckers and the hem won't lie fat and will look awful.

And four of the six pairs of pants were dress pants, which means they have an invisible hem, as opposed to a sewing machine straight stitch hem.  I'm not great at doing this kind of hem by machine, so I do it by hand.  I could, of course, do a hem like on your casual pants or jeans, but if you bring me dress pants I want them to look dressy when I'm done.  I want your mom to look nice.

There has been no zooming around with my sewing machine.

Big accident very early this morning on the main bridge connecting Cincinnati, Ohio and Covington, Kentucky over the Ohio River.  A semi jack-knifed and another semi ran into the jack-knifed one.  No one hurt, but there was a big fire from fuel.  The second truck was carrying potassium hydroxide, which made the fire burn hotter.  The trucks pretty much melted and have to be removed piece by piece.  The bridge is still too hot to allow inspection.  

Optimistically we're talking days for a shut down in both directions, could be longer.  Water traffic under the bridge is also closed.

Aside from freight and travelers, there are all the commuters who are affected, either because they travel over that bridge or because they travel on highways where traffic is rerouted.  It's a headache right now.  

Monday, November 9, 2020

Others' Words

The words in my head today:

We will lead not by the example of our power but by the power of our example. - Joe Biden 

I may be the first woman in this office but I will not be the last. - Kamala Harris

Please, I implore you, wear a mask.  Do it for yourself, do it for your neighbor.  A mask is not a political statement but it is a way to start pulling the country together. - Joe Biden

I am grateful to have a president-elect who says "wear your mask."

I hope that people will wear those masks, but I'm not hopeful here in Kentucky.  In my "south Cincinnati" area, yes.  But there are so many comments scrolling during the governor's press conferences saying that masks are not being worn in grocery stores and big box stores and dollar stores.  And we do have a mask mandate.

My grands tell me that kids in their schools wear their masks.  I don't think they give it much thought.  It's just part of school. 

I've started on my project of having masks for neighbors to pick up on their way by.  The only thing is, I keep giving some away so right now I only have six ready to go.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Fall Family Picture


Fall family picture - Sarah at the North Carolina Arboretum with dog Lucy.  The fence is one that she built.

One this warm day, I took Applebee's curbside pick-up lunch to Steph's house.  We could eat outside, spread out, on this lovely November day.  I had the best salmon.  My eyes just couldn't get enough of the grand kids.  They get taller every time I see them.

Of all the posts I've seen today, the one that touches my heart is the one that says, "Make Sure to Wear Shoes, Ladies, There's Glass Everywhere."  I look forward to hearing Kamala's speech tonight.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Walking the Bridge

There is usually a brief time in November, here, where the weather turns warm again.  It is the nicest of gifts.  So yesterday I took myself to the river and walked across the Purple People Bridge, which is a pedestrian bridge these days.  On into Ohio - Kentucky "owns" most of the river.

The view never gets old.  No barges or other boats today.  

And, we wait.

Last night this hymn refrain was running through my mind.

Lord, listen to your children praying,

Lord, send Your spirit in this place;

Lord, listen to Your children praying,

Send us love, send us pow'r, send us grace!

It doesn't feel right to me to pray for election results, but to ask for grace and God's spirit - I can do that.   


Thursday, November 5, 2020

Sadness This Morning

I am beyond sad at the way this post-election is playing out among individuals in our country.  The only things I know to do for today is to stay away from news and facebook, and those are usually my pleasures.  And to take comfort in the fact that if Biden wins the electoral vote and so many people believe that the election was stolen, there is still the popular vote that says otherwise.

I don't know why I am surprised.  For months the president has promoted the idea of an unfair election.  For weeks the news has been urging us to be patient, that the results won't be known on election day or even perhaps soon after.  What I am surprised at is the way that this election has only increased polarization.

And I am sad, personally, that if Trump wins, I may not see a woman elected as president or vice president.  I may not have enough years left to see that.  I thought that surely in my lifetime that would be a given.  I wanted that for my daughters and for me.  That didn't influence how I voted, it's just a side note.

I have nothing else to say this morning.  My usual deep well of joy is way down there somewhere.  

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Come Wednesday

If you only read part of this wonderful poem today, read the last stanza.  It was not written for this election, but the words are just as powerful.


Hasan Davis

Come Wednesday

I will kiss my partner good morning,

Turn on the hallway lights

Then, wake my kids for school.

Come Wednesday

I will return to my unfinished Tuesday work on behalf of all children and families in America.

Come Wednesday

My America will not have fallen into chaos, even if my candidates did not win the seats of power.

Come Wednesday

I will accept the election of new leaders

As a statement from those who chose to be heard.

But, I will not accept their election as a raging scream

Powerful enough to drown out the voices and rights of all the "other" Americans

Because my America is greater than 

The rhetoric of fear that spews

Uncorked from all orifices of this political body.

And my America is stronger than these identity politics seeking every nook and cranny of human difference

Desperate to widen the gaps within U.S.

Come Wednesday

I will walk another mile with people

Who do not look like me.

Come Wednesday

I will discuss our future potential with people

Who do not talk like me.

Come Wednesday

I will choose to offer an affirming hug or strong supporting hand

To anyone who may have need of them,

Even if they never imagined we could stand taller together.

Come Wednesday

I will still be an American from the South.

Come Wednesday

I will still be an American of African descent.

Come Wednesday

I will still be a proud American who has:

Meditated with Buddha,

Fasted with Allah,

Lit candles with Yahweh, and

Prayed with God

And I will never feel

an imposter,

or betrayer,

or fool for doing so.

So, Come Wednesday

I guess I will keep my own promise of

Making America Greater, again

Just like I have done at the break of every other new day 

I have been blessed to meet.

Come Wednesday

I hope you wake with the courage and the grace

To walk another mile with me.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Voting Sticker


I got a voting sticker after all!  In the mail.  Hope you get a sticker too!  

Monday, November 2, 2020

Turkey Mask Time


When I first tentatively started making masks in April, I never thought that I'd be making turkey masks in November and that they would be needed more now than ever.  And that there would be such resistance from some folks about wearing them.

I played my first Christmas music this morning, a lovely Christmas Celtic instrumental.  There is just so much lovely Christmas music and a limited number of days to enjoy it.  So, early in November it starts at my house.

Yesterday, Sunday, wasn't an easy day.  I always have trouble adjusting to the time change.  At 5:00 it felt like it was midnight.  I hadn't planned for dinner and then it was dark and I didn't feel like going out.  

But, there was joy in the middle of the afternoon, the Bengals won, and beat a winning team at that.  For one minute toward the end of the game I thought it might all go up in smoke, but not this time.  This coming week they have a bye so I can relax and watch other teams.

I needed to go to the post office this afternoon, hadn't been there since February, but I had some small packages to mail.  I told myself to get over it and went in the middle of the afternoon.  Good timing, there was only one other customer in the little lobby and she soon left.  I got Christmas stamps while I was there.  

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Halloween This Year


What if . . . you had your Halloween candy, nicely individually wrapped, and no one came to your door?  Well, then you could be like me.

One of my friends, who lives in a more popular neighborhood, did it just right.  Candy, individually wrapped, on a table so the Trick or Treaters could help themselves, no one digging in a bowl.  She also had Play Dough - no wonder kids came to her.

So, she followed all the governor's recommendations and who should come up her sidewalk but the governor himself.

I am so jealous.

It's hard to tell, since I cropped out the face, but this is a youngster.  Best costume of the year!