Sunday, February 20, 2022

New Grand Dog


The mat actually says, "Yay!  You're here!" but I think this little one thinks it says, "Yay!  I'm here!"

This is Hatch, the new little grand dog in North Carolina.  She is 14 months old, 10 pounds.  The shelter in Tennessee described her as a "nervous girl," but I'd describe her as a sweet girl.

Not an outdoor girl, she doesn't like leashes or walks or being outside except for short visits.  She lived with a family of eight dogs before her owner surrendered her.

She does like car rides and is getting brave about looking out the window.  She did seem to enjoy being outside from the safety of the porch with its gate and wire mesh around the railings.  Her new owners are quite smitten, and I think she will be walking around the lake in no time.

About her name - no one knows how she got her name.  It came with her.

Saturday, February 19, 2022

There Are Chickens


Table topper and potholder, Moda's Farm Charm.  Take a good look at the white and beige curves and you'll find chickens.  I find that pretty amazing.  Really, I didn't notice those curves until I took the picture, I was just focused on the chickens.  And the pretty curvy binding - strictly an accident.

That laptop problem I was trying to work through as a virus or software problem - was a hardware problem.  Dust or something on the edge of the touchscreen.  The touchscreen is now disenabled and the problem is fixed.  Thanks to the knowledgable tech.

I feel just a little silly for working so long and hard with trying to figure it out myself.  And yet, I learned, so there's that.  But what I really learned is to not be so stubborn next time.

Perhaps soon you'll be seeing a quilt that has been in process way too long.  The hard parts are finished and the free motion part is 60% complete.  I need to be chosing a binding, it's that close.  

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Almost A Week

Tuesday.  It's been almost a week since I picked up the groceries and parked the car on the street out front.  Part of the front porch is de-iced and the first set of steps is almost finished.  I go out and chip for a few minutes, come back in.  Chipping goes slowly, the ice is thick.

Tomorrow the temperature will be 50, and I am grateful to be getting an assist from nature.

My laptop has been acting up, and for a few days I've been unable to access my main email.  I wasn't able to send my pictures, receive my committee work, read email from friends.  My laptop still isn't happy but the email is restored and so is my mood. 

My Favorite Color is Moda is pieced together, and for me it's huge.  81' x 99'.  The first blocks were hard to put together, it was my fault in making them, the pattern was fine.  Once I started piecing with my new machine, the 1/4' seams were exactly that and the blocks turned out just the right size.  I'm not sure whether it's worth sending it out to be quilted.

I'm reminded all over again that I prefer to work small.

Friday, February 4, 2022

All Quiet


Some snow.  Some ice.  Travel advisories - stay home.

I don't think my neighbors are any more eager than I am to go outside and work on clearing walks.  All is quiet.  Grands have another snow day.

Yes, I enjoy making pretty potholders, and I used up some leftover pieces from the baby quilt.  The backings are from the fat quarter I didn't want to use in the quilt piecing.

Now back to My Favorite Color.  It's been so long since I've worked on it that I'll need a little review.  Really, I don't have all that much more to do.

Thursday, February 3, 2022


We are waiting for the rain to turn into something else.  At 32 degrees, we're just poised.  Falling temperatures all day.

The grands have a snow day and I'm sure they are snug in their beds.

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

January Baby Quilt

I know it's February, but I'm happy to have finished this January donation baby quilt, two days in.

Winter weather is expected to show up early tomorrow morning, when today's rain turns to ice and sleet, probably with snow following. 

I spent an hour and a half this morning waiting for my grocery pick-up order.  I thought I was well-prepared, but my neighbor had a death in her family and I want to make some food for her family.

There was just one person bringing out groceries.  I tried to give him a tip, but he refused, saying, "It's my pleasure."  And when I thanked him for bringing out groceries in the rain on a busy day he repeated with a smile that it was his pleasure.  Somewhere in that young man's background was someone instilling in him the value of manners.

I parked my car out front, wondering how long it would be before I drove it again.  But then I got an email from the library saying that one of my books on hold was ready.  I think I'll go out again.