Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Along Came a Spider


I delivered lunch to Aaron today and when I opened the car door there was this . . . spider.  With a tag.

Aaron has flu-like symptoms, definitely not his turn.  It seems like every few weeks he is sick again.  Maybe next week's spring break will give the middle school germs a chance to clear out.

I really wanted to see him, so I put on my mask and went inside for a few minutes.  Sat across the room from him.  Put on hand sanitizer when I got back to the car.  If nothing else, Covid has taught us good habits.

My neighbor came over and cut down the ornamental grasses with his chain saw.  All that remains now is to stuff the grasses into big bags.  Not today, though, today's temperature is in the 30's.  Tomorrow will be a warmer day.

Sunday, March 27, 2022



Well, I thought I was finished with this block until I took the picture to show you.  And then I saw the Oops! that I hadn't seen before.

I decided to try the Moda Blockheads 4 blocks that so many people are talking about and posting pictures of.  It's truly amazing that there are so many different fabric choices and differences in the finished blocks.  Even if you don't want to quilt along, it's worth looking at the Moda website for all the quilting tips.

Last night I brought in my treasured pansies and the gifted iris starts I haven't planted yet.  It looks like I'll be doing the same for the next couple of nights.

By the way, that block is better now.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Those Matching Potholders


Those matching potholders to the table runner, as promised.

I've just come home from quilting retreat and it was a lovely time.  Wonderful traveling weather.  And the most awesome friends.  I'm feeling so blessed.

Coming in the door, my house welcomed me, I'm glad I took the time to pick up and clean a bit before I left.  

Taxes are finished, I'll go to pick them up in a bit.  Yes, Joanne, it's so nice to have someone just do them.  I did them for years but life is more complicated now.  I'm kind of holding my breath until I see the bottom line.

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Feeling Strange This Morning


Table Topper using a Through the Woods mini charm pack with yellow and gray from my stash.  A friend gave me the yellow and gray fabric - she didn't like the colors.  For some reason, during the winter days, I enjoyed the mindlessness of rows of small piecing.  There are potholders to match, maybe tomorrow for those.

Sitting here this morning, I'm amazed at how Daylight Savings Time feels so strange on this first morning.  I knew it was coming, but once it's actually here it feels so off.  My granddaughter does not do mornings well, and on this day I have a glimpse of how she feels.

I'm planning to go out the door for church this morning, the first time since early January.  Since then I've been attending via facebook.  And that too feels strange.  It will be different driving on the interstates and finding a parking space at my urban church, of actually walking up the steps and into the door.  But, Covid cases are falling and it's time to re-engage.

Saturday, March 12, 2022

The Way It Is



Back again and happy to be with you.  I haven't been able to access photos on my phone until . . . yesterday.

The picture describes how it is around here.  Snow last night.  Lots of my friends were bringing in their daffodils.  I hope these, at the North Carolina Arboretum, recover.

It's cold again now, but in two days temperatures will be in the 60's again.  Chives and onions are coming up in my garden.  I really don't use them, probably should change that, but I enjoy their early green

And, I have a gerannium blooming on my window sill.  It's one that I never planted in the summer and brought inside in late fall just to see what would happen.  Now that I know what can happen I'll be doing that again.