Monday, April 28, 2014

Improv Baby Quilt

Probably in October, long before the holidays, I started this improv quilt when I was taking a Joe Cunningham class on Craftsy.  And then there was a long time-out, not because I didn't like the quilt but because I was making other things.  Actualy, I like this quilt a lot.

Last week I took it along to a sewing retreat and finished it.   I think I was three quilts behind on donation baby quilts, so now I'm ony two behind.  Plus May's quilt.  I pieced and quilted another baby quilt at the retreat, so there's only the binding to go on that one.

I came home on Wednesday and I STILL have my sewing machine and my projects in the car.  One of my goals for today is to unpack, but it's raining right now.  Wednesday night was Aaron's softball game.  Thursday was a sew day at a friend's house, and although I worked on something else I might have wanted something in the car.  Friday was getting ready for Saturday's class and doing a few alterations, and Saturday I taught a class at work.  Yesterday I went to Bluffton for a visitation.  Today I really have to unpack.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Kitchen Floor

This is not an exciting blog post or a warm and fuzzy one or a creative one.  It does make me so happy, though, so I'll share it.

When I moved into my house 7 years ago, I replaced the 70's gold floor with black and white one-piece vinyl.  There were little bits of gray here and there on the white.  It looked great in my retro kitchen and I loved it.

Over the years, though, it's looked worse and worse.  Very dingy, even though I kept trying various products.  I was starting to think about replacement because it looked so bad. I saw similar floors in restaurants and no one's looked as bad as mine.

I kept researching and found that some people recommended Armstrong New Beginning as a floor stripper with a follow-up of Armstrong Shinekeeper.  I couldn't find any in my usual haunts so I ordered some from Amazon.  They came yesterday, and I am a happy person today.

It isn't an easy or a quick process, and I'm sure it isn't a green cleaner, but to me it's all about balance.  A cleaner that requires rubber gloves vs. perfectly good vinyl in the landfill.  I also got the third product, Armstrong Once 'n Done to use on a regular basis.  I'm very hopeful.

I keep popping into the kitchen to look at the floor.  It really looks new.   

Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday at Kings Island

It was 72 degrees and sunny, there was no school in lots of districts, and it seemed like everyone headed to opening day at Kings Island.

The line to get into the park stretched all the way back to the parking lot, and the lines for rides were long.  The kids rode five things, including the merry-go-round, which usually they wouldn't even count.  They understand, though, that it's early days and there will be other times.

It was such a fun beginning for a warm Easter weekend.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I finished the commission tee shirt quilt today.  Finished it.  It felt amazing to put on the binding and call it done.  I did a pieced binding, which I love, and which was perfect for this colorful arty quilt.  Probably I can post pictures in about a month.

I know that the first thing I'll think of when I wake up tomorrow will be, "It's done."  Not that I haven't loved making it, because I have.  It's been a wonderful journey.

Also keeping me busy has been hemming two vintage coats.  One was cashmere and was absolutely beautiful.  The fabric in the coat and lining was incredible.  I tried to duplicate the original hem, which had an interfacing.  I hemmed that coat by hand.

And, it's softball season.  I drove Aaron to Williamsburg, OH, tonight for his first game.  His team has had one pre-season practice because the other practices were rained or snowed out.  Nora had her second game tonight, a long game called because of darkness with the score tied.  Their mom actually made it to both games, Aaron's first, then she got to watch Nora pitch.

I absolutely love to watch Aaron play because he loves it so much.  He just enjoys being part of a team and chatting with the other boys and wearing his uniform.  He was a happy boy.  I did leave his game early because it was so cold and I'm a wimp.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I wish I could tell you that I made this table topper, but I didn't, my co-worker did.  I did put on the binding, though.  Anita Goodesign Honeycomb Quilt.

Less than two weeks until Easter.  I've done very well with no baked goods or added sugar during Lent, and I'll probably just keep on with that.  One thing I notice, though, is that I get really, really hungry.  I do have lots more energy, which is probably due to the no sugar, although it could be because of the supplements that my sister gave me.  That's a story for another day.  Or, it could just be because of the added light and spring weather.

I loved being at work today, I was really busy and lots of happy people came in.  I enjoy seeing all the kinds of sewing machines that come in for repair, older ones, newer ones, I like them all. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Athetic Outfit Re-Do

Nora received a very nice hand-me-down athletic outfit . . . with someone else's school and someone else's name.  As you know, I enjoy this kind of re-do.  Luckily, the pants needed to be shortened, so there was matching fabric for the patches.

The basic embroidery design (Peace Love Softball) is from Embroidery Library.  Adaptations and other lettering were done with Viking software.  When I was out and about, I spotted a little girl wearing a tee with "This Princess Wears Cleats."  The girl's mom couldn't remember where it came from, so I can't give credit for that.

I just know that Nora is going to love it.   

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Family First Saturday at Cincinnati Art Museum

On the next-to-last day of the Stay-cation, we went to Family First Saturday at the Art Museum.  Family First Saturday is a very inexpensive treat, just $4 for parking and free admission, the usual at the Art Museum (thank you to the benefactors.) 
The kids did the scavenger hunt, decided to skip story time, and Aaron loved the drumming with the robots.  The big hit, as usual, was the art project.  At first I was a little disappointed since it was a community building project, not the usual make-and-take.  But after a little looking on, the kids loved it.

The artist provided skinny strips of light cardboard cut from cereal and cracker boxes, soft drink cartons, etc.  A dab of glue and a clothespin to hold the cardboard in place while the glue dried - that was it.  We stayed a long time, finished the scavenger hunt, and came back again to a bigger scultpure and more building.  I know the kids would have been happy to have stayed all afternoon.

I should mention last night's trip to the Taft Theatre for Willy Wonda Jr, really awesome in a different way.  And the Museum Center the day before that.  The only thing that didn't get done was the zoo, and there was an aquarium substitution for that.  It was a week!   

Friday, April 4, 2014


It seemed like so long since I'd actually completed a project.  I've been bouncing back and forth between this and that, which isn't a bad way to work but I was ready to have something finished. This morning, I completed this bag, the April Viking Embroidery Club.  Linen and cotton, with flowers embroidered on water-soluble stabilizer.

I like the Viking projects because they're teaching projects, in a way.  This one used the ruffler, which I hadn't taken out of its box in months.  There is an interesting way of attaching the band, too.

Now to run over to work and drop it off, then pick up those really pretty planters that I spotted the other day but didn't get.  Lovely bright colors.