Monday, April 29, 2019

Monday Ramblings

Nora has a dance coming up, the end of eighth grade.  Her mom took her to get her brows done and they got mascara and lipstick.  Brow gel.  And she looks lovely.  

I'm glad there isn't such a thing as eye gel in my minimal make-up bag, but I do enjoy seeing it on some people.  For me, it would be just one more thing.  I did have my brows done once but the beautician ended up taking off the make-up.  It just didn't look right on my face.  I would have scrubbed it off at home anyway.

Last week was a strange week.  Retreat Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  I consider myself so lucky to have that group of women.  It's a treat to eat meals with others, to have casual conversations, to focus on sewing.  Over the weekend I had some kind of stomach virus but that has come and gone, as it should.  I read scripture at church yesterday.  Matthew 28:  16 - 20.  An easy read, no hard words.

I still have a sewing bag in my car.  I need to bring that in.  And the sewing machine.  Last time I never brought it in, just left it.  Maybe I'll do that again.  I definitely need to do some strength training.  

Maybe this afternoon I'll work in the garden beds.  Weeding.  With my little stool.  Oh, and grocery shopping.  I am out of so many things.  Including Diet Coke.  That will get me to the store.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, everyone!

I was up early to husk and cook sweet corn for this afternoon's dinner.  Just finished the applesauce, after church.  I know I said I wouldn't like myself if I waited util the last minute, but I like myself just fine.  I'm also baking banana bread for my neighbors.  So, there's that.

The choices for the Easter church breakfast buffet were simple ones.  Baked goods, potato casserole, fruit.  Just right.

Saturday, April 20, 2019


Yesterday Nora and I went shopping at the big Cincinnati mall for a dress for her dance and another one less dressy.  We had no luck, all the fancy dresses were either long or very short, and we didn't find a regular dress either.  So, we did the honorable thing and I bought her a pair of checkered Vans.  And an identical pair for her Aunt Sarah's birthday in May.  And yes, Aunt Sarah knows and approves.

It rained like crazy, coming and going.  Very foggy.  We were also tasked with finding some black sort-of-dressy shoes and we started back across town for that.  We found no shoes at a couple of stores and were on the way to another when we spotted Plato's Closet, which is a resale store for young women.  No dresses there either, but we did spot these sandals.  Exactly what she was looking for.  $6.

With a pretty pedicure, she'll be all set, shoe-wise.  And I think her mom has found dresses online.

Today, I've been good for nothing.  I got groceries very early in the morning and still have some in my car.  I tried a Target run this afternoon for Easter goodies, but the parking lot looked like Christmas, plus, and I went on my way.  Any minute now, I do need to cook a couple of things for Easter dinner or I won't like myself in the morning.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

My neighbor brought me these Easter flowers, so nice.

Her husband helped me cut back the ornamental grasses and changed the oil in my mower.  Another neighbor power washed my sidewalk in exchange for using my mower.  I am learning to say "thank you" instead of saying I don't need help.

I've been quiet here - it seemed as if there wasn't much to talk about.  I've spent a lot of time taking five rows of tiny stitching holding elastic at the bottom legs of nylon sweats.  I'll tell the customer that I don't want to do any more of these - this is the second pair.  I think of this kind of things as a service, but I want to enjoy what I do too.  Even when the elastic is finally out, there is still serging and hemming.

I'm participating in a six-month study with Kroger and University of Cincinnati Health and had my first visit with the nutritionist.  I'll be in the group that meets with the nutritionist every two weeks.  Basically, we will follow the DASH diet, reducing fat and sodium.  Lots of fruits and vegetables.  I have learned about Baby Belle light cheese - the little round discs, and I love those, they're a great substitute for the higher fat cheeses.

Christina Cameli has a new book, Step by Step Texture Quilting.  If you like tight free motion quilting, it's a great resource.  You can learn more at her blog A Few Scraps

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Through the Fence

The next season has begun, although there is some overlap.  And there have been some pretty days for the games.

But those Reds!  After a slow, slow, slow start offensively, they won 14 - 0 last night.  With back to back to back home runs.  I hope those bats continue to connect.

Sarah did a nice job getting my front beds ready for spring.  My nice neighbors have told me that they will help me cut down the back grasses this morning.  Soon there will be some pretty things.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Fifty and Now

Last night, after returning Nora from her music lesson, Steph and I went to Mt. Carmel Brewing to celebrate her birthday.  She had this lovely flight, one sample for each decade, and I sipped about half a beer since I'm still pretty congested.  But I did have a lovely mushroom flatbread.

I have to admit that fifty years ago I couldn't have anticipated such an outcome.  Fifty years ago there were phone calls to the grandparents, celebrating the first granddaughter after five grandsons for one set, the first grandchild for the other.  A package of Oreos from my husband because I'd so missed them during my pregnancy, back in the day when the doctor would despair over any weight gain more than a pound or two.  A visit from my brother- and sister-in-law that included a pair of pajamas in size 18 months because their youngest insisted on the pajamas with clowns.

I couldn't have imagined being able to have such a celebration because the budget was so tight that we forewent the hospital baby photo.  And yes, I have regretted that.  Back then, a photo was precious, delayed, and you never quite knew how it would turn out.

Fifty years ago I couldn't have imagined being 73.  Living in Cincinnati, of all places.  Having been a widow for many years.  Having a wonderful group of grandchildren and grand dogs.  Having a tiny phone that I could carry around and that could take instant pictures and connect me with the news.

Having a sewing machine with auto-tension.  That's huge too.  And ok, having more than one. 

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Love This Print

There is a new restaurant in town, open for just breakfast and lunch.  In the entry is this lovely print.

A couple of other restaurants have come and gone in this location, but this one seems different.  Really good food, pleasant atmosphere, happy people.  Fingers crossed for them.

Today is my daughter Steph's birthday.  A big one.  Sending her all kinds of good wishes.

I'm looking forward to picking up my grand girl for her music lesson this afternoon.  I enjoy the pick-up, the conversation, sitting in the mall outside the music store, maybe getting some soup for her on our way home.  

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Are We in Heaven?

Still thinking about last weekend.  And looking forward to the coming weekend too.

Steph's birthday is this week, the big 5.0.  Sarah and Winnie are coming on Friday and it will be a celebratory weekend.  Lots of good food and fun times.  It's easy to find West Sixth beer around here, so I'll definitely get some of that.  A birthday cake.  Some hot cross buns.  The Sweet Tooth bridge mix that Sarah loves.

I woke up cranky because of the many tasks to do today.  Starting with taking out the trash early because last night I was just too weary to do it.  Sometimes I wonder whether I'm just lazy, other times I wonder whether I'm a bit depressed.  Or maybe just getting older.  As the day goes on, the list is getting things crossed off and some bonus things have been added.  I haven't numbed out in a book . . . much.

Monday, April 1, 2019


Unplanned until the day before - a rare overnight with daughter Sarah in Lexington.  It was the best time!

I was pulling into town on Friday earlier than Sarah, so I went to Keeneland to pick up Sarah's race packet for the next day.  So many runners and their families, and I was able to get Sarah's set of shot glasses for her fifth year running.  Run the Bluegrass is a huge race, billed as American's prettiest half marathon, plus a seven-mile run.

There are little whiskey barrels for the top three finishers in each age group, and these were once again elusive for Sarah, who placed 5th of 250 in her age group.  She was less than a minute behind the second place finisher, really excellent since she doesn't have the training time some other runners do.  Maybe next year for that.

We stayed at the downtown Hyatt, courtesy of credit card points.  Dinner and basketball on Friday night.  Cheers from down the hall at midnight when University of Kentucky won.  (They lost on Sunday in overtime.)

After the race we ate at Joe Bolognas, which we always enjoy.  It's an Italian restaurant in an old synagogue with stained glass windows.  A quick stop at the art exhibit at the 21c Museum Hotel.  And then to the local brewery for their annual birthday party.  Free glasses and cupcakes.  The glasses say, "Are we in heaven?  West Sixth is 7."

And just like that, we were in our vehicles, heading in separate directions.  It poured, really poured, coming into Cincinnati, but it was a good trip home for both of us.