Sunday, October 16, 2022

Pastoral Stole


This is Pastor Appreciation Month and I was asked to make this stole for the Cincinnati Mennonite pastor.

What I learned:  ecclesiastical sewing is a whole different ball game, or at least the pattern I used went together differently than I'm used to.  I ended up finishing it my way and the result was ok.  Not perfect, but ok.  The lining is light blue, a lucky accident when I didn't have enough white for the lining.  The end is finished with a light blue ribbon, making it a whole lot easier finish than the way the pattern was written.

I was grateful that I made it with cotton since silk would have been more difficult by far.  Our pastor won't wear it at church but at events that may be outdoors, making silk impractical for the elements.

I've started cleaning up the garden beds for fall, including cutting back the ornamental grasses.  I understand the value of leaving the grasses in the beds all winter, but that just makes it too hard for me in the spring when the grasses have dried.  Whatever I can do now makes for an easier spring.  I may feel differently about that tomorrow when the high will be 23 degrees lower than today's high.  

Monday, October 10, 2022

Communion Worship Banner

This is the result of the second try for a communion banner.  The first one just had the background plus the beige strips with the embroidery.  It didn't look right.  I'm not 100% pleased with this second try either, but with the added fabric it is better.  Maybe next time it's used I'll add a little something more.

It's been a month since I've posted, and I can't really tell you where the time went.  I haven't been traveling.  I haven't been sick.  I had three doctor/dentist visits in September, all with good results, except that my doctor phobia is getting worse.  I've felt boring.

I finished a second comforter top to be knotted next month.  Enjoyed altering Aaron's pants for the Homecoming Dance.  Made a few more Bitsy Boxes.  Hemmed some jeans.

I had the best surprise this morning - I looked at a suede jacket that needed the sleeve hems shortened.  I thought that for today I'd just see if there was a slit in the sleeve lining to turn it inside out.  And there was no lining, just a light backing to the suede.  My job was suddenly a lot easier.

I'm also working on something that's out of my comfort zone - you should be seeing that next week.