Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Few More for My Sister

Here are a few extra pictures for my sister, who lives in Pennsylvania. Strange that I live right over the Ohio border, and Ohio borders on Pennsylvania, and yet she lives so very far away, in Lancaster. These pictures were taken at various times over the past couple of weeks.

Aunt Sarah brought a tiny capsule that, when water was added, turned into this washcloth.

Nora sitting on my steps -

Aaron captivated by the balloons at Bridget's mom's 90th birthday party -

And the next day, at Nora's birthday party. Bridget's nephew Blake is Nora's hero, along with the other nephews. She gobbled two slices to pizza at the party because, most likely, she was sitting at a booth with the boys and they were gobbling pizza. Usually, she isn't a gobbler of anything. Back in the days when she'd eat little except for wheat bread and swiss cheese and bananas, she ate her first chicken nuggets with Blake. And her first cake.

A Christmas Eve reminder from mom to stop and say "thank you" before going on to open more presents.

Aaron loved the 4-wheeler from Aunt Sarah with the various buttons for sound, but there's nothing like the box.

Nora's bike from Aunt Sarah. There was a quick ride outside later.

Christmas morning -

And for my quilting friends, tomorrow there will be a quilting picture, I promise.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Many years ago, my husband spotted these "Santas on springs" at a local florist shop and was quite taken by them. He added to his collection over a few years. After he died, Steph, Sarah, and I split them up and they often come out at Christmas.

This year Steph hung some on the chandelier over her dining room table, thinking they'd be out of harm's (Aaron's) way. Aaron too was quite taken by the Santas on springs, however, and tried numerous times to get one in his hands by pulling up a chair and climbing up on the table. So far, no disasters.

The Santas below were in Asheville, living it up.

Sarah's apartment is a short distance away from a local bar, The Admiral. She spotted these Santas there, enjoying themselves on the deck.

The one above is talking on a cell phone, checking up on the elves, no doubt.

It looks like quite a jolly group.

Their transportation was awaiting them. I sort of doubt that their "sleigh" can fly.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thanks, Sarah

Thanks, Sarah, for the Christmas pictures. (And for fixing the settings on my camera so that my pictures may not be so blurry next time.)

The Carew Tower Santa has moved to Macy's, but he's still Santa. This is Nora's fourth picture with him, and Aaron's second. Last year Nora sat at his feet, not willing to sit on his lap, but this year she agreed to the lap, maybe because she had a list and a letter.

In Asheville, the pretty granola babies wear knitted hats, and Aunt Sarah brought one each for Nora and Aaron.

I'm glad that this year Steph was able to take a day off for the Santa visiting and going to the Duke Energy train exhibit. Too good to miss.

Nora's pink coat was a birthday present from Aunt Sarah. Doesn't it look wonderfully vintage (even though it's not?)

Aaron was a happy guy on Christmas morning, but then again, he's almost always a happy guy as long as he isn't contained and there are things to play with. Toys or not.

Nora was a happy kid too, puzzling over the fact that Santa came and brought what she wanted. And in one case, something that wasn't on the list.

She got lots of My Little Pony accessories, to be played with on the table out of Aaron's reach.

Or at least that's the idea. Aaron's a climber, especially when he can spot something really good that he might want to get his fingers on, but actually, any time.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pogo Sticking

The night after Christmas was wonderfully warm, and very late in the evening, there was pogo sticking on my street.

Bridget -

Steph -

and the owner of the pogo stick, Sarah -

you know you're not surprised that the pogo stick belongs to her.

Friday, December 26, 2008


Sometime last spring, IKEA opened in Cincinnati. Sarah and I had gone once before, but it was our friend Helen's first trip.

Helen had to leave earlier than Sarah and I did, and we went with her to the check-out - she managed to fill up her bag.

Back in the store - eventually I get overwhelmed by all the colors and scenes.

It's a way fun place to visit. We didn't get a chance to eat there this time, but that's a whole other adventure.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Time to Abandon the List

I was grateful to wake up this morning and find the temperature the promised 47 degrees, complete with rain that wasn't freezing and wasn't in the form of snow.

I'd heard Steph's stories of long commutes in bad weather, but last night was my first real experience. The freezing rain started around noon, and continued throughout the afternoon. I got home three hours after I started, with visions of red tail lights in the dark in my head.

Today we should get off work around 4, and hopefully Sarah will be home when I get here. The weatherman is calling for rain and winds today. If it were snow, there would be lots.

It's time to abandon the list of things yet undone and enjoy the holiday. The picture above shows two of the five ornaments that got on my tree. The colored lights are festive, and, as my grandmother used to say, "Things can't always be the same."

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Borrowed Art

In these busy days, my own art is hard to come by, so I was happy to see these nativities made by V's Sunday School class. She is so talented and so gracious in helping children learn in many ways.
Each one has its own unique character.

I'm only sorry that one came out blurry and there is one less to share.

On this day with an ice storm and a lengthy commute (more about that tomorrow)

I'm happy for the peacefulness of this art.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Corn Husk Nativity

Many years ago, my mother made this corn husk nativity scene to be used at First Mennonite Church in Bluffton, Ohio, during Advent.

I think she would be really pleased to know that this year Mary, Joseph, the baby, and the angels are at Cincinnati Mennonite Fellowship in Cincinnati.

There has been some damage over the years, and there are no shepherds, but the Wise Men will be putting in an appearance.

My mother was a very skilled folk artist, and I haven't seen any corn husk figures that rival hers. She used natural dyes for her figures and never added faces. In these days of Etsy, I'm sure she would have a good market for her figures, but twenty-five years ago was a different world in marketing.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Krohn Conservatory at Christmas

Long before I moved to this area, I always wanted to go to the Krohn Conservatory at Christmas, but I never did. Now that I live here, and close to the Conservatory at that, I've been to see the Christmas display several times.

Intertwined with the flowers are replicas of Cincinnati buildings, few of which I recognize, but that's ok - I'm learning.

I do recognize this one - it's the Conservatory.

The Jingle Bell poinsettias are my favorites.

There are some permanent plants, including this orange tree.

Finally, what else, the gift shop.