Saturday, April 30, 2022

Crack in the Sidewalk

Years ago, I make this banner for a worship series long forgotten.

 After all this time, it's been calling to me.  I added a few things - the defined crack, that's good.  Metallic gold rays of light and metalic blue rain - fail.  It doesn't show up at all.  I'll just consider that extra texture and be happy about it.  Maybe one day I'll take some 12-weight thread and go over the sun and rain.

The seedling coming up through the crack could symbolize hope in hard times or it could symbolize one small voice making a difference, refusing to die down.

I'll hang it after church tomorrow for the coming weeks.

Friday, April 29, 2022

Flying Pig


This is the weekend for Cincinnati's Flying Pig Marathon, and these cute little guys were in the bakery case at Graeter's.

Why the name?  Cincinnati used to be home to many stockyards.  Apparently some of them used to run pigs through the downtown streets.  This was long ago, in the 1800's.

The weekend is big, with a marathon, half marathon, 10K, and a one mile event.  The marathon is a sight to see, all those runners spilling over the bridges.

I wonder whether I could do a one mile next year.  Just, wondering.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Blockheads Six


I really only meant to cut out the fabrics for this block this morning, but once I was started . . . I just kept going.  The block is supposed to have a spinning effect, but I'm not sure mine does.  It's ok, I like it anyway and it fits in nicely with the others.

I can tell that going forward I'll be starching the piecing fabrics.  The goal was to be more precise, and this is such a big step toward that.  The extra time is worth it.

There is a robin nest on the outside window sill of one of the kitchen windows.  It got bigger and more filled in day by day, and now there are two little blue eggs.  I try to resist peeking, I don't want to startle mama if she is there, but it's hard - I just want to look.

Yesterday I seeded some Bells of Ireland peat pots.  My mother had the best Bells of Ireland, year after year, and she used them in her bouquets for the flower show.  I've never had any luck with them, but just want to keep trying.  They are slow to germinate, fingers crossed.

Are there garden clubs and flower shows any more?  These were a happy part of my mother's life.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Seeing the Rhythm


The blocks go on, and I'm starting to see the rhythm.  The latest one, right side, bottom - I wasn't happy with my fabric choices but when I see it with the other block, it fits.

Who knows if I will have enough fabric for all the blocks.  I'll just keep pulling fabrics out of my stack and hope for the best.  Perhaps the bottom left block will be the center block.  Or maybe I will redo it and add some white.

The days go on and the Reds keep losing.  This isn't good, or fun.  I saw a picture of some fans at the game with paper bags on their heads.  The bags said "Bob, sell the team."  An usher asked the fans to remove the bags.  The back story is that the team traded or released some of better players rather than pay their salaries.

I am enjoying watching the plants sprouting in their little peat pots on my window sill.  Today they will move out to the porch, although they will need to come inside a couple of cold nights this week.


Saturday, April 23, 2022

Hatch Update


Hatch's Easter picture.

This little girl is happily settling into her new home.  She loves toys - Winnie and Sarah previously had senior dogs and they are enjoying watching a younger dog's play.

She is eating well, putting on some needed weight, sleeps when it's time, knows that cars bring her people.

She likes to go outside on the porch or in the yard but still isn't a fan of walks.  Walks bring other people and dogs and she isn't a fan of that.  We'll see if a few months of warm weather might change things.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Blockheads Bonus


A new Blockheads block comes out every Wednesday, but there are also some weekend bonus blocks.  Quilters have been using all kinds of colorways for this one, but I'm happy with mine.

Yesterday at noon was the Reds Opening Day parade.  It's an institution in Cincinnati but one that didn't happen for the past two Covid years.

Nora's high school band was marching.  I was disappointed to not get to see her on the tv coverage, they started showing the band about half way back, but it was still exciting.  Probably someone else has taken video.

How can I not be happy that it's baseball season?

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Blockheads 4, Block 3


Moda Blockheads 4, block 3.  I think everything is in the right direction, and the size is correct.  

Some overachievers are making these 9" blocks and then making a second 4 1/2" block.  I can't even.  Maybe next time.

Some people are just nice gift givers.  Today I got an unexpected little bag with fair trade coffee and homemade strawberry jam.  For a favor given, which I was happy to do.

Does anyone make new recipes from magazines or new cookbooks?  Last night I tried a side dish with artichokes and spinach and alfredo sauce.  I used a lot of pans, spent a lot of time, and I don't think I like the finished result.

I cut down on the amount of garlic by about 1/4, less than 1 clove, and it still had too much garlic for me.  After a couple of different tries, I think I'll just go back to using powdered garlic or skipping it all together.  But I do enjoy trying new recipes.  And a few are keepers.  

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Rocky's Hot Chicken


Rain in North Carolina - not my trip - Steph and Aaron leaving Rocky's Hot Chicken in Asheville.

Steph, Aaron, and Sarah rode the Virginia Creeper Bike Trail yesterday, then had to take care of a car flat tire.  On to Sarah and Winnie's for the evening, where Aaron got to meet Hatch, the new little dog.

It's Aaron's spring break and he is a fan of Rocky's Hot Chicken so they stopped before heading on their way to Gatlinburg, the next stop.  Hoping the skies clear up tomorrow.

The Virginia Creeper Trail is lovely, 17 gentle miles down hill.  Most people take a shuttle or arrange for a ride to the top.  There are bike rentals or you can take your own.  It's really a nice thing to do.

And how can anyone not be a fan of Rocky's?

Saturday, April 2, 2022



Second week of the Moda Blockheads quilt block.  Second week with an oops.

And not only that, but my seams were way off and the block was too small.  It seemed like it should be machine error, but it's never machine error.  After puzzling on it, I know what went wrong, and it was an early morning stupid thing.  At least I hope that's what it was and not an old person stupid thing.

To make it worse, many people have been posting pictures of their wonderfully finished blocks,  

About a year ago I decided that I want to go from art quilting to precision piecing, and here I am.  Still messing up, still learning a lot.  Who knew that people starch their fabrics for making the cuts perfect and the seams flat?  Did I really want to know this?

I took everything apart and started again.  I hope it's right this time.  Both weeks' blocks are the same size now, so there's that.