Sunday, August 26, 2018

Zucchini Corn Casserole

It feels like forever since I've actually cooked something.  Well, I did make chicken noodle soup to take to Steph's last week, maybe that was a start.

I had zucchini and corn from the Farmers Market and made this casserole today.  It's no different from any other zucchini casserole except for the corn, which went in uncooked.  The brown is whole wheat cubes made from, ummm, hot dog buns.  I use the buns for apple sage veggie sausage, don't get excited.

It was really good, you all.

I was happy in church today to hear John McCain recognized during Joys and Sorrows.  You have to understand that I go to a pacifist church, but it felt good to hear Senator McCain recognized for his integrity and bipartisanship.  We need so much more of that.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Patriotic Trivet


Anita Goodesign Patriotic Trivet.  Taken on my car seat on the way to work.  It really is square in real life.

I figured I owed my boss this completed project.  I started it at work and it was just one of those projects where I didn't do things right.  The red fabric looked red at home, but under the fluorescents it was a pink red.  I figured that would be ok.  The stabilizer was at the end of the tube and it had a rip about an inch long.  I figured that would be ok, but the design is dense and the stabilizer pulled.  Still, I kept on.  I didn't get one of the corners right.  Still kept going.  There were a couple other things.

I didn't get quite finished and went back the next morning to do three remaining stars.  But I didn't line it up right and the stars weren't in their right place.  At that point I gave in and decided that since I'd spent several work hours with nothing to show I could at least redo it at home so I'd feel better about it.  And I do feel better.  It really is a great project

Don't be me.  Don't be so stubborn.  If something isn't going right and you know that, just stop.

I was picking up some sewing at a tiny town this morning and stopped at their dairy bar for a strawberry soft serve.  It was so good, and it didn't hurt that the day was gorgeous and I had my choice of all the picnic tables since it was early in dairy bar time.  When I remember this day, I'll remember that strawberry ice cream cone at 11:00 a.m under a big tree.  Not the cleaning I did or the errands I ran or the two loads of laundry or my exercise.  Nope, it will be that strawberry cone.   

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Best Sandwich

This sandwich is one of the best.  From Newport Pizza Company.  It has the veggies you expect to find on a pizza, on a hogie bun, heated, with either pizza or cheddar cheese melted just enough to glue the veggies together.  It's best when they put on lots of artichoke.

This afternoon I set up my Amazon Echo.  I just asked Alexis the score in the Reds game.  She said that currently the Reds are leading the Brewers 1 - 0 in the bottom of the first.  I really wanted the Echo for playing music, but I like baseball scores too.

For once I am caught up with my customer sewing.  I did the last stitch at 10:00 am and at 12:30 pm someone called and needed a hem.  But, she can't get together until Thursday, so I am still caught up.  Tomorrow I'll start a new baby quilt.  I didn't have one to turn in this week, but one of my quilting friends turned in six.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Coming One Day

On our quest for school shoes, Nora couldn't resist trying on these glittery high heels, just to see.   How they felt.  What it might be like to walk in them.  The soccer slides weren't cast aside for long.

This morning, my dreaded eye doctor appointment.  The visual field, pressing the button when the light flashes.  I'm never great at that one.  Grrrr.  Photos.  Checking vision.  Dilating eyes.  My eyes are still not back to normal.  But, I don't have to go back until January 29, and that seems ages away.

A recent book I really enjoyed:  Fens by Pamela Wechsler.  A detective and a Red Sox catcher.  Mysterious but not too dark, just a good read.

A rainy day, no yard work.  Cool, too.  I think that when my eyes recover I'll be able to sew upstairs without melting.


Tuesday, August 14, 2018

One Last Summer Vacation Day

On this last day before school, the grands and I went to Sky Zone.  I read intermittently while the grands jumped for an hour and a half.  The place was packed - I guess everyone wanted one last day of summer.  I got a locker because Nora was happily wearing the new shoes we got yesterday.  Black canvas Nike's with white soles and swooshes.

My neighbor recommended a new strip mall store near the shoe store for shopping for a top for Nora's picture day - my neighbor said the clothes were adorable.  We passed on that.  Nora doesn't do adorable.  Maybe another year.  

Last night was Meet the Teacher at Aaron's school.  It seems to be a mixture of meeting the new teachers and greeting former teachers.  Something to look forward to every year

Well, that was embarrassing.  When I came home this afternoon, three men were mowing my neighbor's yard and I thought they were the long-missing-in-action guys who usually mow for us.  I asked one to go ahead and mow for me.  Even though I mowed on Sunday there were lots of clumps.  Turns out that it was my neighbor's son and two buddies.  He said he was on a tight schedule for today and couldn't mow for me and then introduced himself.  Oops.

But, someone's day was worse than mine.  On my way home I waited on the interstate for an accident to be cleared ahead of me.  Finally one lane could go by.  It was one of those accidents where it was hard to figure how it could have happened.  One car nose first against a temporary concrete median in a reduced-speed construction zone.  Another car on top of it.  It looked like folks were ok, hope so. 

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Really Good News

I got to be with this guy at the eye doctor on Friday  The news was really good.  The vision in his "bad" eye can be corrected to 20/20.  

Actually, both eyes are perfectly fine.  It's just that one eye has a good bit of astigmatism and the other doesn't.  Little kids just compensate by having their brains use the eye that doesn't need correction and the vision decreases in the eye that does.  With this kind of amblyopia, or lazy eye, both eyes are straight and no one usually knows the difference until some kind of screening picks it up.

Aaron is lucky to have been screened in his preschool and off to the doctor he went.  For him, wearing glasses with some patching of the "good" eye helped the vision improve.  I am so grateful to his parents for fighting the good fight.  It isn't easy to get a little boy to wear a patch or glasses when he thinks he can see just fine.

It helped that around that time his sister was wearing glasses as a fashion statement so he thought that might be a good idea.  And now, in fifth grade, the near-sighted kids are showing up with glasses and he isn't the only one.

I am just so grateful.  The window for getting the brain to recognize both eyes doesn't last forever, it has to be done when kids are young. 

Friday, August 3, 2018

Courage With a Bassoon

Nora has taken bassoon lessons this summer, once a week, which isn't all that many lessons.  But tonight she was in her teacher's recital, a bit nervous but normal nervous.

That girl has a courage I never had.  Remember two years ago when she played football?  And all the softball years, starting when she was the youngest on her team, and continuing to this day?

Fingers crossed that as she navigates her final year of middle school, and then high school, that her courage continues.  That she has, and grows, that deep down willingness to try.