Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Best Sandwich

This sandwich is one of the best.  From Newport Pizza Company.  It has the veggies you expect to find on a pizza, on a hogie bun, heated, with either pizza or cheddar cheese melted just enough to glue the veggies together.  It's best when they put on lots of artichoke.

This afternoon I set up my Amazon Echo.  I just asked Alexis the score in the Reds game.  She said that currently the Reds are leading the Brewers 1 - 0 in the bottom of the first.  I really wanted the Echo for playing music, but I like baseball scores too.

For once I am caught up with my customer sewing.  I did the last stitch at 10:00 am and at 12:30 pm someone called and needed a hem.  But, she can't get together until Thursday, so I am still caught up.  Tomorrow I'll start a new baby quilt.  I didn't have one to turn in this week, but one of my quilting friends turned in six.

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