Thursday, August 16, 2018

Coming One Day

On our quest for school shoes, Nora couldn't resist trying on these glittery high heels, just to see.   How they felt.  What it might be like to walk in them.  The soccer slides weren't cast aside for long.

This morning, my dreaded eye doctor appointment.  The visual field, pressing the button when the light flashes.  I'm never great at that one.  Grrrr.  Photos.  Checking vision.  Dilating eyes.  My eyes are still not back to normal.  But, I don't have to go back until January 29, and that seems ages away.

A recent book I really enjoyed:  Fens by Pamela Wechsler.  A detective and a Red Sox catcher.  Mysterious but not too dark, just a good read.

A rainy day, no yard work.  Cool, too.  I think that when my eyes recover I'll be able to sew upstairs without melting.


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Joanne S said...

I now have TWO pairs of glasses. One for reading only. It helps with the blurry vision.
And now it's easier to read. Eyes are so important, huh?