Tuesday, August 14, 2018

One Last Summer Vacation Day

On this last day before school, the grands and I went to Sky Zone.  I read intermittently while the grands jumped for an hour and a half.  The place was packed - I guess everyone wanted one last day of summer.  I got a locker because Nora was happily wearing the new shoes we got yesterday.  Black canvas Nike's with white soles and swooshes.

My neighbor recommended a new strip mall store near the shoe store for shopping for a top for Nora's picture day - my neighbor said the clothes were adorable.  We passed on that.  Nora doesn't do adorable.  Maybe another year.  

Last night was Meet the Teacher at Aaron's school.  It seems to be a mixture of meeting the new teachers and greeting former teachers.  Something to look forward to every year

Well, that was embarrassing.  When I came home this afternoon, three men were mowing my neighbor's yard and I thought they were the long-missing-in-action guys who usually mow for us.  I asked one to go ahead and mow for me.  Even though I mowed on Sunday there were lots of clumps.  Turns out that it was my neighbor's son and two buddies.  He said he was on a tight schedule for today and couldn't mow for me and then introduced himself.  Oops.

But, someone's day was worse than mine.  On my way home I waited on the interstate for an accident to be cleared ahead of me.  Finally one lane could go by.  It was one of those accidents where it was hard to figure how it could have happened.  One car nose first against a temporary concrete median in a reduced-speed construction zone.  Another car on top of it.  It looked like folks were ok, hope so. 

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