Sunday, August 26, 2018

Zucchini Corn Casserole

It feels like forever since I've actually cooked something.  Well, I did make chicken noodle soup to take to Steph's last week, maybe that was a start.

I had zucchini and corn from the Farmers Market and made this casserole today.  It's no different from any other zucchini casserole except for the corn, which went in uncooked.  The brown is whole wheat cubes made from, ummm, hot dog buns.  I use the buns for apple sage veggie sausage, don't get excited.

It was really good, you all.

I was happy in church today to hear John McCain recognized during Joys and Sorrows.  You have to understand that I go to a pacifist church, but it felt good to hear Senator McCain recognized for his integrity and bipartisanship.  We need so much more of that.

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