Sunday, August 12, 2018

Really Good News

I got to be with this guy at the eye doctor on Friday  The news was really good.  The vision in his "bad" eye can be corrected to 20/20.  

Actually, both eyes are perfectly fine.  It's just that one eye has a good bit of astigmatism and the other doesn't.  Little kids just compensate by having their brains use the eye that doesn't need correction and the vision decreases in the eye that does.  With this kind of amblyopia, or lazy eye, both eyes are straight and no one usually knows the difference until some kind of screening picks it up.

Aaron is lucky to have been screened in his preschool and off to the doctor he went.  For him, wearing glasses with some patching of the "good" eye helped the vision improve.  I am so grateful to his parents for fighting the good fight.  It isn't easy to get a little boy to wear a patch or glasses when he thinks he can see just fine.

It helped that around that time his sister was wearing glasses as a fashion statement so he thought that might be a good idea.  And now, in fifth grade, the near-sighted kids are showing up with glasses and he isn't the only one.

I am just so grateful.  The window for getting the brain to recognize both eyes doesn't last forever, it has to be done when kids are young. 

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Joanne S said...

We have 5 year old twins down the street. One with a lazy eye and glasses.
The parents are doing the glasses in hopes of not having surgery. Your young man was lucky!!!