Friday, April 28, 2023

More Knotting


More comforter knotting yesterday in the church basement.  Seven of us knotted three comforters.  It's fun to think about where they might end up.  First, though, they need bindings.  And I'm behind on binding from a previous knotting session.

I find it so soothing to knot with a group of friends.  Random chatting.  A quiet space.  An easy kind of volunteering.

Landscaping trucks have been appearing in my neighborhood, with workers cleaning yards and spreading mulch.  Soon new plantings will be showing up.

Sarah came last weekend and did a lot of weeding and trimming.  That big rose bush - wasn't totally dead.  Once she got to the center there were lots of new shoots.  My neighbor wasn't as lucky - it looks like he lost an anchor tree and a couple of bushes from the front of his house.  We had such a mild winter with one short cold snap.  I guess that was enough.

A new Italian restaurant opened in my neighborhood during the pandemic, carry out only.  They are now open for inside dining as well with an expanded menu.  It's a dream come true, easy pick up with good choices, lots of parking,  It's easy to find something for dinner as well as a great salad for lunch the next day.  Amazing bread.  Reasonable pricing.     

Monday, April 17, 2023



One of the charm pack challenge wall hangings is quilted and washed to bring out the quilting.  In other words, finished.

My decluttering had pretty much stalled.  I'm not unhappy about that, I made great progress  and moved on to kitchen cleaning.  Now, though, I want to move on again.

I found a tub of mysterious fabrics in the basement.  I know I didn't buy any of them, they just aren't at all what I would gravitate toward.  At all.  I picked out a few possibilities for my stash, the others will leave my house today.  And it will remain a mystery.

I've been trimming back the big rose bush in my back yard, but now that things are leafing out I have to admit that the rose bush is dead.  Another mystery.  I'm not upset in the least - something prettier will take its place.


Monday, April 10, 2023

As I Remembered

The red beet eggs were as pretty as I remembered.  The grands didn't eat any, but they admired them, and that was all I wanted.  I ate one, though, and they tasted as good as I remembered.  With horseradish.

I may, and may not, make them again next year.  Maybe just two or three.

It was fun at church to see a few children dressed up and to see pictures of pretty Easter dresses on facebook.  I don't remember ever having one of those fancy dresses, but I always enjoy seeing them.

It looks like one of those magic spring weeks ahead, with temperatures warm enough to turn off the heat but not so hot that I consider air conditioning.  I can open the windows, work in the yard a little.  Sew upstairs in the mornings.

Sunday, April 9, 2023

Happy Easter!


Happy Easter, everyone!

I hope you have lots of sunshine, some good food, pleasant memories, and a few eggs, chocolate or otherwise.

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Red Beet Eggs

I really wanted to make these this Easter.  I want my two grandkids to see this part of my history.  I don't expect the grands to enjoy these eggs.  I don't even expect them to eat them.  I just want them to see them.  I'll cut them in half so they can admire the pretty pink with the yellows of the yokes.

Some time before Easter my uncle would have the job of grating a horseradish root, sitting on my grandmother's back porch step.  He said it was an awful job, the smell of the root was so strong.  My cousin and I would dare each other to stick our noses in a jar of fresh horseradish with vinegar, knowing that we would feel the pain deep in our sinuses.

That horseradish was a part of enjoying the eggs at Easter dinner.

I've read that we can buy horseradish root at Whole Foods, although I've never looked for itI'm sure my uncle would have loved having a small food processor to replace using a hand grater.