Thursday, September 30, 2010


Sarah mentioned on the camping trip how much she likes Snoopy and would like a Snoopy towel. The one on the right is for her. And while I had the Dakota Peanuts Holiday collection out, I remembered that Aaron likes "Brown Charlie" and made the Halloween one for Steph's house.

The time is here to start putting Christmas gifts in their bags, and I'll just post a peek of a couple of things. Surely between now and Christmas the recipients will have forgotten. I enjoy the process of tucking things away. Designs from Embroidery Library. I always picture a stress-free Christmas and it never quite works that way. Last year I didn't even get my cards sent.

Of course I haven't heard anything about my camera yet, it's only been one week of the promised six-eight weeks repair time. I'd forgotten how quickly the AA rechargable batteries lose their charge in my other camera. I take pictures at quilt guild and post them for the members and I'm wondering what to do about that. I don't think my batteries would last through that many pictures. Maybe an inexpensive little camera would be the answer so I could quit complaining.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Lovin' the Cincinnati Reds tonight. There is no more magic number.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I meant to drive by the light-up billboard tonight to make sure it's really true - the Reds magic number for clinching their division is one. I forgot to drive by, but I know it's true anyway. It's been a long time coming - September hasn't been kind to the Reds. Luckily, it hasn't been kind to the Cardinals either.
This is a Martha Pullen work project. My co-worker said I'd enjoy this one, that it was just my style, but really, it isn't. Maybe a year ago. I am so over the stippling, time to move on to other kinds of free motion.

I got up early this morning to prepare bowls of fruit for a "feast" after the church service to conclude the current series. Red and green grapes and peeled clementines. On some level, I enjoy feeding people, like the preparation, even though I rarely do it any more. Pizza to Steph's house, maybe, or a mix cake to thank the neighbors for taking in my mail. I did make a really good vegetarian meat loaf this week since I really enjoyed the one at Mt. LeConte.

Walked to the fabric store this afternoon - just short of two miles round trip. Much of the return trip is up hill. In the back of my mind, I'm thinking . . . maybe this year I'll do the Thanksgiving 10K. Maybe.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Charging batteries for my old 4 megapixel SLR digital, which has never failed me but which is just awkward to carry around. My little camera is off to be repaired. The lens just kept going in and out, in and out, and it wouldn't turn on. And I've babied that camera. And to make things worse, the camera now costs $75 less than when I bought it. Grrrrrr. Repair time is six to eight weeks. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

The non-Grrrrr stuff: it lasted through the trip to the Smokies. And I got the extended warranty, which I never did before. I have bad luck with cameras and just had a feeling. It's seven months old.

I went to the running store today to get shoes. My toes have been hurting and my shoes just weren't very comfortable. The clerk asked what size I wear and I told her 8 or 8 1/2. She measured me at 9 1/2. What's going on? No wonder my toes hurt. My feet have been the same size for ages, why the difference now?

I was happy to get my flu shot last night. Last year I waited too long and lost two weeks to a bad flu. This year's shot has the stuff for the flu predicted for this year and also for the H1N1 virus, so I'm covered no matter which flu I had.

My neighbor girl came over this afternoon and we picked out the colors for the train she wants to embroider on a towel for her grandpa. We got a good start and she went home with a few bits of fabrics to make postcards, too. Awesome.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

These, Please

My quilt guild has a show the end of October and I have nothing to show. I need to get going.

I just ordered 8 x 10 prints of these three photos to pick up at my local Walgreen's in half an hour. How civil is that?

It's not a quilt, but it's step one.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Coming Down

We left our little LeConte cabin in the morning cloud and started our way down.

Alum Cave Bluffs - about half way down

Back at the trail head, sunny and warm. The sign says round trip hiking time is 6 - 8 hours. Our time was 8 hours.

After a picnic at Chimney Tops, we went into town. Culture shock.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mt LeConte

This post is made possible by my friend Helen who couldn't go to Mt. LeConte this year. Neither could her sister, which made it possible for Sarah and me to join Steph and Bridget and our camping friends.

# 1. I've wanted to hike to Mt. LeConte for ages (hiking is the only way to get there, there are no roads.) It is the third highest mountain in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and there are meals and overnight accomodations.

# 2. I wanted an adventure when I turned 65 this year and was feeling disappointed with myself for not making that happen.

# 3. Reservations were made last October. But now, Helen has a new job and couldn't get off work and her sister decided to go to Ireland instead. And that's how Sarah and I joined the group.

The climb up is 4.9 miles and the trail is rated strenuous for good reason. It took us 5 hours to hike up, primarily because I was the slowest. It's hard to see this sign, but it says that we are just 0.1 miles away. That's why everyone wanted a picture. The last 0.1 mile is blessedly flat.
One of the little cabins is in the background, but the point of this picture is the tree with the red berries.

I'm pretty sure that everyone gets their picture taken here because of the date on the dining hall.
When the dinner bell rang at 6, everyone hurried down. There is no electricity, so the dining hall is lit by kerosene lamps. Fresh food is brought in by llamas and there is a hellicopter drop of supplies and propane early in the season. Dinner was really memorable - soup and a peach half, cornbread, roast beef (with wonderful individual veggie meatloaves for non-meat eaters,) mashed potatoes, green beans, fried apples, chocolate chip cookies. And wine.

There were just a few sprinkles on the trail, but it rained during dinner. There was also a hard rain during the night but none on the hike back.

The little cabins had full-size bunk beds plus a twin bed. And a kerosene lamp and a kerosene heater.

It was truly an awesome and amazing experience. It will take me quite awhile to process everything. I took very few pictures on the hike up, primarily because I was paying attention to the trail. There will be some of the hike down, however.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Helen 'n Jack

On Labor Day afternoon, Helen and Jack got married at Helen's sister Mary Ann's house.
The ceremony was outdoors on the porch, the weather was perfect.

What is it about cake that makes kids so happy? Nora and Ella (center) were flower girls.

Congratulations and many best wishes to Helen and Jack.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Birthday Party

Aaron's birthday party, chapter one, Chuck E Cheese. I got there at the very end, when it was time to pick out the prizes.

Back at home were the lunch decorations. Lots of Buzz Lightyear, Aaron's favorite. And, later, Buzz Lightyear toys from Grandma and Pap.

There were hamburgers and hot dogs but the kids REALLY loved the birthday cupcakes.

Ever since the day that Aaron first saw the hitch on Bridget's truck, he's been crazy about hitches. Every parking lot is an adventure because there are more hitches to be found. Bridget found a toy truck with, what else, a hitch and trailer. There were motorcycles from Uncle Bobby that got lots of rides on the trailer.

Raggedy Andy joined Nora's Raggedy Ann from Gran B. Note to Steph: Upon reflection, I really don't think it's a good idea to wash Raggedy Ann. While she would survive it quite well, she wouldn't smell the same or look the same and she's loved lots just as she is.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jacobean Christmas

Jacobean Christmas table runner from HolleyBerry
Pretty colors -
lots and lots of metallic.

I only had one thread issue in thousands and thousands of stitches, which is pretty amazing.

I'm hoping for rain today, seems like forever. All the grass is brown, the plants barely holding on. I thought long and hard about getting a Reds ticket for tonight, was all ready to press the button, then decided against it at the last minute. It's sunny now, though. The Reds won in the 12th inning last night, my co-worker and I will be happy when we rehash, which we always do.

As for tonight, I think I'll stay home and listen on the radio while I'm sewing, hope there isn't a rain delay.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Focus Shift

Yesterday was all about Nora as she started off to kindergarden. And today was all about Aaron as he turned 3. What I remember about Aaron's first day: The sturdy, unlike a newborn, feel of him wrapped tightly in his receiving blanket. At 9 pounds, 10 ounces, he was never a teeny baby, not even on his first day.

There were cupcakes for school and a few left for home. The real cake comes on Sunday.

A card from Aunt Sarah and Winnie -
with a fire truck in their package. And from Mom and Dad, Buzz Lightyear cowboy boots that light up with red flashes.

The Buzz Lightyear costume from me was somewhat less than a hit, but Nora liked it just fine. I'm sure that when Halloween approaches Aaron may take a second look.

Happy birthday, little buddy.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day

The first day - a success.

Credit to Steph for the picture I took from her facebook posting. In all the pictures, she looks so happy. And so does her mom. It does Gran G's heart proud.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Tribute to Nora

Tomorrow night after work I'll come home and turn on the computer to check facebook to see pictures of Nora's first day of kindergarden. She will be going in the mornings so I'll be thinking extra much about her then. I hope her first day, in a brand new school, is a good one for her.

Today I'm thinking about the first time I saw her, early on a Saturday December morning. And the physical zing I felt when I first saw her, because there she was, that anticipated baby, with tons of black hair that I had known would be red. And I fell instantly in love with that black-haired baby, who did in fact have red hair later.
I'm telling myself that she's gone to school for years now and this is no different, but of course it is. A rite of passage. Good journeys, Nora. I love you.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Big Package

Little Raggedy Andy is finished and I'm hoping that Aaron finds him to be a good companion, sleeping buddy, and friend willing to play 'most any game.

I opened the box of fiberfill for this project and it's obvious that the fiberfill will not go willingly back into the box. I actually have two of these boxes, purchased for half off and waiting for whatever project that needs them. Five-pound boxes.

I am blessed to have the space to buy the things I use in bulk. Even though there's only one of me, I want the huge packages of toilet paper and paper towels. Wonder Under and batting and muslin for dyeing by the bolt. It aggravates me to go to the store for a little of this or that because I've run out or need just a little. It seems like such a waste of time and time is so precious. I've read that there are two kinds of shoppers: those like me and those who enjoy the shopping trip out because the paper towels are down to the last few sheets.

Then there's the matter of getting notions and other sewing supplies on sale. I have a good idea of what I use, what colors I'm apt to use, how my supply is. And I know what I will NEVER use. I like to think that it will all work out.

When I went to put ties on Raggedy Andy's outfit, there was red dotted ribbon in the basket, left from another project. I wouldn't have been happy to have had to go to the fabric store (even to the fabric store!) for ribbon. I knew just where it was. I like to work like that.