Monday, December 30, 2019

A Little Buddy

Ah, last week.  A small buddy laying beside me.  Begging to be petted, it seems, but not really.  Petting is not encouraged and may result in a snarl or a nip.  She wants her own terms.

And now Monday and its own kind of quiet.  I'm trying to get off the couch, get back to 250 steps every hour at the least.  I miss my fitbit and its reminders.  Not to mention its phone alerts and texts.

Later today, a trip to the library.  I'd love something really good to read.  I had two possibilities left from my last trip, but neither was worth a full read.  Back they go.  I am in awe of President Obama's favorites on his reading list.

There is a house down the street, purchased by a contracting company several years ago,  For the past five years, at least, renovation work has been ongoing.  A little work, a long time off, a little more work.  It looks like they are using things left over from jobs or from the discount building supply.  This week they are putting a shiny copper roof on the front.  This is not a copper roof kind of neighborhood.  My hope is that they will somehow tie everything together in the end, that there is some kind of master plan that has eluded me so far.

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