Friday, October 18, 2019

Thursday Late Afternoon

My Thursday late afternoon mall seat, during Nora's bassoon lesson.  Kids come in and out of the store with cases carrying various kinds of musical instruments, I'm picturing several lesson rooms in the back. With mall music in the background, there are sounds of instruments being tried out in the store.  Toward the end of lesson time, I stroll down to the end of the hall to the Aunt Annie's for a container of Niblets and Nora's beverage of choice, strawberry lemonade.

Yesterday Nora agreed to stopping at Panera for take-out of chicken noodle soup, her favorite food, probably.  I'm more of a carb person, so I picked up a whole wheat bagel. 

And then, my favorite part, Nora found on her phone the music she is working with.  Chatted about the coming concert next week.

On Tuesday, I saw the dietician for the final time in the study.  My cholesterol was 168, HDL increased to 48.  And so, I feel motivated at the end of the study and I feel like I have some good new habits.  I'm working still on adding in all those veggies.  Fruits are easy.  Whole grains, those are easy too.

I'm happy with the low fat, low sugar, cheese, yogurt, and cottage cheese options that I've discovered.  Low sodium isn't an issue as long as I'm eating at home.  I'm encouraged that even as a vegetarian I can eat healthy and nicely balanced meals.  Meaning for me, fewer grilled cheese sandwiches and cheesy casseroles.  

It's been an amazing experience to be able to work with a dietician one-on-one.  Not to mention, trying out the online grocery shopping.  If you get a chance, try it.  It's so worth the small charge.     

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