Monday, October 28, 2019

Fog on the Mountain

On our recent North Carolina trip we planned a visit to see a pretty fall view.  It was not to be, but we did get some spooky Halloween pictures.

Instead of a hike and fall scenes, we had a shopping trip in town, which was fun too.  There were a couple of brewery visits.  Thumbs up to the Sanctuary Ginger Fig beer.  Both traveling days were pleasant weather, with the rain and fog sandwiched in between.

Now I'm home and looking forward to moving forward on some long-term sewing projects.  Sometimes it seems as if my projects involve taking out lots of stitches as well as putting lots in.  This morning my seam ripper had the beginning of that little tell-tale wobble that means it's time for replacement soon.

I just had a call from the gutter cleaning people letting me know it's time to schedule the fall cleaning.  I knew that.  I like to wait until all of oak leaves fall from my neighbor's tall tree before getting on the schedule.

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