Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Other Days

And then there are days when the last bite of toast is about gone.  The white car with two loved people and three little dogs went up the hill and life at my house is way too quiet and the visit is over.

The lovely toast was at Baker's Table, which is a wildly popular breakfast/brunch dining spot on Monmouth Street in Newport.  We waited patiently for our table and it was so worth it.  Definitely recommend.

The reason for the visit was to experience Blink!, which is a light projection experience in Cincinnati and Covington.  Sort of an evening festival that goes on for four nights.  I didn't go to all the places that the others did, but I enjoyed what I saw.  One of the bridges was lit up and closed to car traffic and that was a popular and crowded scene.

Yesterday I did little.  Got new library books, washed sheets, ran the dishwasher.  Reset.

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