Friday, October 11, 2019

Halloween Quilt

New Halloween quilt hanging in the dining room.  It is minus the binding, but I wanted it up before company came, Sarah and Winnie.  I feel pretty confident that no one will say, "That quilt doesn't have a binding."  I can do that after Halloween.

I have a feeling that "after Halloween" will extend into mid-November, when it will be replaced by a Christmas quilt.  Maybe there will be a visit to IKEA before then, a couple of the clip rings need to be replaced.  Maybe I'll look at Target first, that store is much closer.

The gang went to Blink in Cincinnati last night, it's a light show on various buildings.  I stayed home, by that time I was ready for rest, not for walking.  It was a good choice, they said they walked a lot.

My house now has dog beds and little mattresses and even a co-sleeper for the tiniest dog.  It's a happy house.

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