Monday, October 7, 2019

Baby Quilt Mix

It feels like awhile since I've actually completed something, but here's a baby quilt started at retreat probably last spring.  The green strips in the center came from a bag of Moda scraps from the local quilt store, remember, someone else's scraps are always better.  The little pink blocks are from my own scrap bin.  The strips have free motion quilting, the "solids" at both ends are quilted with the walking foot.

I'm usually drawn toward making baby girl quilts.  That's ok, since others are drawn toward making baby boy quilts.

Finally, last night, gentle rain, most of the night.  Yesterday my daughter and her husband were putting the winter cover on their pool   It's finally a new season.  Aaron told me that he had visited six haunted houses on his visit to Kings Island Saturday night.  Maybe today, I'll get out a few Halloween decorations.

I watched the end of the Bengals game yesterday.  Nothing to celebrate there. 

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