Friday, March 24, 2023

Charm Pack Challenge


Earlier this week I was at a quilt retreat with my friends.  As usual, we did as much chatting as sewing, but I did piece this Moda charm pack challenge wall hanging.  The charm pack is Carolina Lilies.

I've seen lots of other challenge pieces and the amazing thing is that they all look so different.  I have a second one on my quilter and it looks very different.

This morning I took Aaron to school - it was so dark and rainy when I started out.  It was a good reminder that it's nice to be retired.  There is no bussing at his high school and traffic at the school was heavy but everyone knew where they were going.  Even me, because Aaron told me.

I was relieved yesterday to find a library book that I thought I surely must have left at retreat.  How can I look right at something and just never see it?

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Joanne S said...

I always think---went you show a photo of a charm pack project- that I might enjoy making it....
but actually I wouldn't. I did like making potholders with the one charm pack you sent me. I cut the squares into quarters. I have a stack of charm pack squares- You or someone else sent me.

I keep them handy in case I want to give it a try...again. I think I need solids.