Wednesday, March 22, 2023

March Christmas Cactus


For the past couple of summers, this Christmas cactus has lived on my back porch.  Pretty much got water and Miracle Grow when the other summer annuals did.  Was repotted once.  Bloomed nicely the beginning of November.

Now at least parts of it are getting ready to bloom again.  I'm pretty sure I never had a Christmas cactus that bloomed twice in one year, although the internet tells me that this isn't unusual.

Three things to help reblooming happen:

Minimal watering - that one's easy, I just forget it for weeks at a time,

Provide it with at least twelve hours of darkness - it didn't get complete darkness, but it did get lots since I gravitate to a warmer place in the evenings

Keep temperatures cool - it is in the coolest part of the house and close to a window.

I'm pretty excited about this - it's the little things.

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