Tuesday, March 14, 2023

March Winter

Snow out my window yesterday evening.  I never mind March snows since we are past November, December, January, and February.  And now, half of March.

The year Sarah was born, fifty years ago, there was an unexpected March or April snow storm on a Saturday when we visited my parents.  When we tried to leave, we got stuck in my parents' long lane and my dad pulled us out with the tractor.  We made it to my uncle's house in town and stayed the night there.  We watched tv and saw that the town's college had opened their gym for stranded motorists.  The next day the roads were clear and we went back to Detroit.

In my ongoing quest for a living room chair, I visited a local furniture store this afternoon.  No single chairs at all, just recliners.  Big ones, none push back.  Disappointing, but I feel like I've done my diligence in trying to support the local folks.

I did go to another local store last week, everything was special order there, not what I'd expected.


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Joanne S said...

Finding a good comfortable upholstered chair these days is nearly impossible and a comfortable couch....no way......unless one pays a HUGE amount of CASH.......I had intended to buy new living room furniture before COVID but,,,now I am sort of DONE thinking that. I can't even find a good shirt or pants or bra.......