Saturday, June 2, 2018

Too Much Sun

I got way too much sun at the ball field this afternoon, even though I wasn't there all that long.  It's always been that way . . . for someone who doesn't really tan, I feel the affects.

The little guy close to the wagon is an Aaron look-alike.  Same color hair.  Same build.  Same height.  I always have to look twice.  Aaron is at the fence.

I meant to go on to Nora's game, but I let myself be talked out of it.  Things weren't going well at the tournament this afternoon and it was way out, distance wise.  And there would be more sun.

And so, I am back home. Wondering about dinner.  Suddenly hearing brief summer rain on the porch awning, I didn't expect that.

I could try on the new bathing suit that was delivered while I was out, but I won't yet.  I am happy for a new suit, but it's a necessary thing, not a joyful thing.  Now if it were new pajamas, I'd put them on and keep them on.

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