Tuesday, May 29, 2018


I read Joanne's mention about chairs with different legs on the front than on the back.

I actually had to look at my chair to make sure this was true, although this chair has lived with me for many years.  I don't always see what's right in front of me, call that scoring intuitive on the Myers-Briggs.

This chair belonged to my father-in-law and he enjoyed it.  My mother-in-law, not so much.  When the upholstery would wear out, she would be dreaming of a new chair but he would take it to be recovered.  Family story.

For me, I enjoy this chair.  It's big and roomy, and I like the floral upholstery I chose years ago, even though that's not currently in style.  A new sofa may be in my future, but the chair stays. 

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Joanne S said...

Prepare to see you chair as a drawing in the near future!!!!

I wish my dad was still around--I would call and ask him why chairs can sometimes have 2 kinds of feet.