Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Football-Related Onsies

Just finished embroidering these little onsies as a shower gift.  The baby's brother is a youth league football player with Aaron.

The purple placement marks should be gone by tomorrow.  These are three-month size, the perfect size to place on the hoop.  Newborn sizes are a bit finicky, so small that it's hard to get them to lay flat.  Even these, I "babysit" while they're embroidering.  So tiny that it's easy for a sleeve or neckline to flop over and get caught in the embroidery.

A bit cooler today.  No "feels like" over 100 on the weather app.  Last night it stared to unexpectedly pour just after Joey Votto hit a grand slam for the Reds.  The shower was brief, the game went on, the Reds won.

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