Thursday, June 7, 2018


One of the couples at church was celebrating their 50th anniversary and shared red and cream roses from their bouquets.  What a lovely gesture!

I just finished covering three outdoor porch cushions, two chairs, one love seat.  I'd procrastinated, remembering it as a bigger job than it was.  There is a lesson in there, and it's one that never sticks with me.

I'll be working on Friday and Saturday and I'm looking forward to that.  Every now and then it's nice to get dressed and out into the work world.  To smile at people and help them find what they need.

I've moved a sewing machine into the dining room for smaller projects that I can do where it's cool.  Along with a small combo cutting and ironing mat and a little iron.  In the summer, it's hot upstairs in my cape cod house.  My laptop has also come downstairs.

I'm hoping that this new summer set-up will inspire me to start on some baby quilts.  I have fabric and a plan.  I just need to sit down and sew.


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Joanne S said...

A change in venue is a great idea. I have been using the island in my kitchen. Right now I have a little padded area, the iron and I go over there to look at the little piece I am working on. Just passing it by has gotten me to add a bit here and there.

I am not "feeling" in the mood for a baby quilt right now as I couldn't find what I wanted in any store selling fabric. I'll know it when I see it but so far.....nothing. I have also stood in from of the large fabric closet. Stood and looked and looked and nothing there is screaming---ME!!! Too girly and I do want to make something for BOY.