Wednesday, January 25, 2023


Cranberry pear crumble from Southern Living.  It's so good.  It was in either the November or December issue.

Brought to you by me because I can.

About a week ago my laptop lost internet access, no network choices, no nothing.  And today, I fixed it.  Yay! me!  In the interim, I'm been using an old laptop but I've been limited in what I could do.  I am so relieved.

I've decided that the end of January will mark the end of my decluttering process.  Just one more week.  For all that I've donated and discarded, things look pretty much the same and that amazes me.  Except for the attic, that looks a lot different.

This last week it's the sewing room, and that's as daunting as the rest.  I'm glad, though, that it's me going through everything and not someone else.  That could be humiliating. 

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