Thursday, October 4, 2018

Opposite Kind of Bowl

The opposite kind of bowl from the one we looked at the other day.  Lives on the same kitchen window sill.  Made in China, and there are probably 500,000 in this world just like it.  I think I bought it on sale at Kroger.

Holds two wing nuts from who-know-what and two beads from who-knows where.  And, usually, the little bar of soap with the bird.  The soap is made of lovely natural ingredients.

Even though it's so different from the Mark Nofziger bowl, I enjoy it too.  Except for those beads, their time is over.  And those wing nuts can live somewhere else.  I think I'll start a little bag of mysterious things.

1 comment:

Joanne S said...

These little bowls seem to collect things on their own. I often don't even know where the things in the bowls came from either. Right now I have a small white bowl with those little white plastic things--that close bags of bread and bagels in my house.