Wednesday, May 17, 2023



Chives, one of my earliest perienniels.  Every spring I consider snipping some for cooking.  Every year I don't.  I forgive myself - they pull their weight in those purple spring flowers.

I read a lot of novels, and most I don't remember.  I just finished Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver, and that one I will remember.  This book was a surprise - I usually find her books to be hard reads but this one was mesmorizing.  

Around November I started receiving my ordered block of the month fabrics.  They have been sitting  around beside my computer, the fabrics are really lovely.  This morning I started stitching.  It was time.

Thing is, though, I'm missing one of the month's fabrics.  I contacted the fabric store and they sent me the tracking informaion that said the package was delivered.  They suggested that the packet was small and maybe someone in my house had moved it - nope.  I'd been watching for it, I know it never came.  I asked if I could just purchase that month's fabrics, but there was none left.

I'm not really upset - I figure that (a) one of my neighbors will finally bring the package, (b) there will be enough leftovers from other months to fill in, (c) my quilt will be a different size, (d) I'll find the fabrics on etsy, or (e) I'll figure out something creative to replace those two blocks. 

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Joanne S said...

Demon Copperhead won a Pulitzer Prize. I'm on the waiting list.