Friday, April 28, 2017

Joanne's Box

From Joanne's precious box of fabrics and UFO's.

The brown and tan/rose patchwork were part of a piece with applique interest - that will most likely show up later in another project.  I cut apart the patchwork and inserted the strips of beige animal fabric.  A totally different look - I'm in love.  The back is yellow gingham.

Quilting is that increasingly larger rectangular spiral that I'm currently drawn toward.  36" x 40".

There is something so intriguing in using Joanne's carefully and beautifully executed but never finished creation and making a 180 degree turn.  I feel confident that she was never thinking of a baby quilt.

I wish I'd taken a picture of her original piece.  Next time.  

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Joanne S said...

I love it. What a delightful baby quilt.
Now, I might go digging to find you some more "material" to work your magic on.
I did make quite a few UFO's. Unfinished Objects.

Today in carpentry land--we hauled all the stuff in our closets up to the attic.
Warren (carpenter #3) said he had never seen so many clothes. I felt like a Hoarder.
Bedroom 2 now has piles of stuff from the shelves all over the bed. G has gone to buy six sterilize containers.
I am starting a few bags for Goodwill.

Also the instant on/off of the closet doors is causing electrical dilemmas. Turn them off and the refrigerator goes off. Really, I wonder who did the work on this crazy house??????

It will be a week or more before anything else happens here. The washer dryer perhaps. No shower. No toilet in the new bath. Plumber is booked solid. Tile guy is now 7 weeks out but booked for our hall bath.
Maine is having an influx of new money from New York. Summer people. Hedge Funds no doubt.