Monday, April 3, 2017

House Quilt

Finally finished after laying on the quilter for many months.  The pattern is from Craftsy and Freida Anderson.  There is a nice class about how to finish it, but I wanted my own free motion.

Lots of really small-scale free motion, more than I'd usually want to tackle.  What I wanted was a free motion lesson, and a lesson on using my quilter, and that's what I got.  I was very eager to wash and dry it this morning, since that's where the "puff" happens.

Now I can go on to using my quilter for those baby quilts, in a larger scale.  I really, really like my quilter, Husqvarna Viking Platinum 16.  It does everything I wanted and it's oh-so-well behaved.  The delay in finishing my quilt was the chaos in my mind, nothing at all to do with the quilter.

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