Sunday, December 27, 2009


Several years ago, Sarah and I started a Christmas tradition that we enjoy - going to the movies on Christmas afternoon, once Steph's family has headed for Christmas with Mike's parents' family. This year we saw Up in the Air - good choice. I forgot to ask Winnie whether she'd ever been to the movies on Christmas before.

Afterwards we watched the light and music show at the Levee, but not for long since there was lasagna in the oven and it was cold and windy.

On Saturday, remembering the recommendation from my cousin Gregg, we went for lunch at the Rookwood Pottery Restaurant in Mt. Adams. It's in the building that originally housed the Rookwood Pottery.

We had beers with lunch, all good but I can't remember the names of any of them. There's just something about having beer with lunch that seems really I'm-not-at-work-today.

Sarah had sliders with pulled pork and coleslaw, Winnie had soup and salad, and I had the veggie sandwich and we split the fries that came with it

and also a cheesecake with fig for dessert.

The kilns are still in the building, and even though we didn't get to eat in one we did take a peek after lunch.

Great restaurant, full for a Saturday-after-Christmas lunch. I have a new favorite.

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