Sunday, December 6, 2009

Aaron at the Party

Before the start of Nora's birthday party, as the children gathered, Aaron showed me the tennis players and the racketball players. Obviously, he'd been to the gym before.

I couldn't resist this picture of his two cowlicks. For now, pretty darn cute, although it could be a styling challenge later.

Midway through the party, Mr. John brought out a bouncy house and blew it up. There was a limit of four kids at a time, but as the birthday girl, Nora got to bounce with everyone. Aaron liked to crawl in the door but opted out of bouncing.

When the other kids were doing something else, Aaron would try out the mats and equipment.

This little guy has skills.

All week long, I've heard reports of Aaron's nix noux (as my grandmother would have said, have no idea how to spell it) antics, but he was gold at the party. With all this at his disposal, I'm sure he'd be a perfectly behaved two-year-old.

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