Thursday, August 10, 2023

New Car


I have a new car, and for all that I considered, and considered, and  considered, I'm so glad to have it.  

It's another Subaru Forester, with pretty much the same trim level as I had before.  And because of that, I thought it would be pretty much the same . . and it isn't.  Things have changed in the past twelve years.  Including many more functions, and a bigger screen, and a few more inches.

My favorite thing:  the headlights.  The headlight covers on my old car were ready to be replaced, they were getting discolored.  Now I can see clearly again.  The headlights rotate when I turn, giving me a wider angle of light.   And they turn on automatically at dusk.  Start out on high beams but dim when a car approaches, go back to high beams afterwards.

Now I have an appreciation of why chip shortages are such a big deal.

My old Forester is now at my daughter's house, being fixed up to be ready for my grandson's approaching sixteenth birthday.  He is a little dismayed at the lack of pick-up but his mom is telling him that this is a good thing.  He does appreciate the hatch with the liner for sport and music equipment.  And he was very relieved that there is an aux connection for his phone's music.

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Joanne S said...

I laughed at the "lack of pick up" before I figured out which he was talking about- complaining about.
Speed. AUX- another new word for this oldbird.....