Sunday, September 2, 2012

End of the Summer Adventures

I love this red footstool from IKEA, and all summer long it's been stacked with little toys.  Dollar Store adventures.  MacDonald Happy Meal toys.  Tiny souveniers. 

Especially, the Dollar Store handcuffs, complete with keys.  How many times this summer have I been handcuffed?  I think it's an indication of the precious-ness of the handcuffs that two months later we still have the little keys.

And now, the footstool looks like in the picture, the toys are packed away.  School starts in two days.  Our summer adventures are done, and it's a little sad.

We went to Kings Island and the zoo.  Visited every library around.  Went to the aquarium twice and the swimming pools many times.  Sixteen swim lessons.  Three times for the Hampster Balls and train rides at Newport on the Levee.  Rode the Duck.  Tried out everything at the Milford Recreation Center.  Loved Cobblestone Cafe with their peanut butter and jelly shaped like butterflies or flowers.  Went to the movies twice.  Checked out the pigs downtown.  The Downtown Park twice.  Took the lid off the Art Box again and again.  

One thing left on my list:  the Nature Center with its trails and kid area, but that's a good fall trip.  It's been a great summer. 

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a marvelous time was had by all.