Thursday, June 15, 2017

Simple Gifts

My neighbor,who had never been inside my house before, gifted me with this salad as he prepared to leave for a trip.  I am grateful.  As you know, I am struggling with the divisions in this country.  This simple gift represents hope to me.  That, and our brief gardening/sharing plants conversation.

We talked about how he wants a simple fence across his back yard, with ornamental grasses on his side of the fence.  Amazing to me, my neighbor on the other side told me two weeks ago that he too wants to put ornamental grasses at the back of his yard.  Like mine.

I am picturing how this could look, with the three yards displaying a kind of unity in landscaping.  This calms me.  

Last night I went with Carrye to Modern Quilt Guild.  I hadn't been in quite awhile.  It is at a different location now, at a once-upon-a-time dairy barn that is now a beautiful venue restored by the Woman's Art Club of Cincinnati Foundation.

Appropriately, this cow lives in the front yard.  Isn't she a treat?


Joanne S said...

OMG!!! A Quilting friend from long ago had a COW in her back "yard" made from a 50 gallon drum. Her husband spray painting it with black and white (spots) and added legs and an old pail for the head and nose.

I loved it so much and took so many photos that I wasn't surprised the day my very own 50 gallon drum showed up as a "gift". We never did make it into a cow but it's still here. I have 4 acres so why not a faux cow? What I would actually like is a pair of baby pigs to clear out the back yard and make it all good garden.

Thanks for the memory!!! She was a fantastic quilter. Perfection in all things. Taking care of business up in Heaven now.

Joanne S said...

Oh, and the start of a neighborhood garden is simply too good to pass up. And the compliment to you....and your fence plantings---- Super Wonderful. that little salad gift looked delicious. We are months away from basil. It was super hot for 3 or 4 days and now we return to cold rain.