Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July 1

July 1. Turn to new calendar pages. And note that half the year's done. I wonder what's happened to all that energy I had when I made New Year's resolutions. I've done well - I think, haven't done the mid-year check yet - but still, I'd like to have some of that freshness I felt in January.

Sometimes I make midyear adjustments, sometimes add a few midyear resolutions. That may happen this year, but not on July 1.

I did a little more basement cleaning this morning, early. Everything to do with painting (wall painting, not artistic painting) is in the basement storage room with the big spider. I wonder, do they still have the pest strips that keep the creatures away? Or have they been banned like lots of other things?

What I'm gearing up for with the basement cleaning is to have a nice dyeing area, uncluttered. I'd better hurry and get it finished before cold weather is back. Some people have asked to come and do some dyeing with me and I'd like to have a pleasant space before I have any company.

And then there's the issue of finding things . . .

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