Monday, July 13, 2009

Little Jacket

I needed a work sample for a new embroidery design pack, Husqvarna Yarn Fiesta. I decided to use a pattern I already had and make a jacket for Aaron's September birthday - that would give the sample plenty of store time.

I enlarged the pattern a little to accomodate his weight, but I forgot the height factor, and now I'm wondering whether it will be long enough. There was a quick try-on Sunday and it was quickly clear that the sleeves, which are supposed to be rolled up to reveal the lining, are just about right with no roll-up. In July.

Maybe, just maybe, it can be a waist-length jacket to be worn when he sails down the street on the back of his dad's bike. Or maybe, sigh, it will belong to some other little boy.

The jacket has a tuck-in scarf to show off a few more designs.


Anonymous said...

Sure hope he will get to wear it & get a pic. taken with it on him. It's adorable ! It will be great with his red hair !

Anonymous said...

this is awesome. I didn't get to see it closely at your house.



I love seeing all your pics, You sew so beautiful:) Have you been sewing long? Blessings,