Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Difference

Above is Nora at her fifth-grade graduation, fairly early in the morning yesterday.  Not a much-anticipated event for her because it involved standing on the stage and singing and wearing something dressy.  She is much happier about today's events:  the last day of school with a picnic and the graduates parading through the halls getting high fives from the younger kids.

And here is the end-of-yesterday Nora, still hot after wearing catcher's gear at the Wombats game.  Notice the much more relaxed look on her face.

I'm glad that she has parents who encourage her to do different things and who appreciate her introverted heart.  Even at a very young age, she would disappear from family gatherings, going into her room or outside to recharge for a few minutes.  

I love this girl.  And I've got to say, I'm proud of the awards she got yesterday, especially the math award.    

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Baby Bibs

Trying, trying to get caught up on some things.  Like these bibs.  Anita Goodesign Bundle of Joy collection.  My go-to collection for baby gifts.

I came home from church to find some outdoor solar lights from Amazon to twinkle from my back fence.  My last year's lights didn't make it through the winter, lesson learned.

It's getting toward the end of May and I have no flowers planted.  No containers filled.  This is a lovely day, though, the first warm, dry day in forever.

So, maybe tomorrow there will be a trip to the garden center and maybe this afternoon there will be some weeding.  

Friday, May 13, 2016

Black and White Log Cabin

Sometimes I just have to make a quilt because . . . something.  Something I don't know yet.  Even though babies like black and white, I just can't see this as a baby quilt.  I'll snug it up around a pool noodle, and then one day, I'll say, "Oh, that's why I made it."  The fabric is a kit from Maywood Studio, and I bought it at work.

Sometimes it takes being gone for a few days to be really, really happy at home.  I loved being gone, loved the ladies I was sewing with, but now I'm loving being home.  I feel much more content tha before I left.

I'm making potato salad with red potatoes from Aldi.  We have a new Aldi not a mile from my house.  I didn't think I'd like it, no special reason why not.  What I'm finding is that I really like the produce.  I can walk in with my bag, fill it up with produce, and walk out feeling good because I spent less and because many of their things are organic.

I don't really need a cart, but in case I did . . . you put a quarter in the cart rack to get a cart.  When you return the cart, you get a quarter back.  No shopping carts floating around the parking lot.  No paying for someone to corral carts.  No car dings from unruly carts.  It's kind of civil.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

That Time Again

After getting rained out twice, today was Opening Day for the Wombat team, and they had a win to start the season.

Then it was on to Aaron's team, the Dragons, and Nora got to stretch out and rest.  Even though he will have his cast for twelve more days, Aaron still shows up to support the team.  I have to admit that his games are a lot more interesting for me when he's playing.

Aaron has had a couple of games rained out since he 's been on the disabled list and it looks like a rainy week coming up.  He may not miss too many.


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Softball Jacket

Tonight is the opening night of the Wombats softball season, and the new uniforms look really good.  All except for one, that a player's puppy got hold of, and the collar had a 2 1/2" bite chunk gone, with a small shred at the top of the zipper on the other side.

I almost never have black knit in my stash, but last week I enlarged a knit scrub with - black knit.  So there you have it.  The jacket doesn't look new and pristine, but it looks new and if you're more than three feet away you'd never notice the repair.  If you're closer, you probably still wouldn't notice.  I hope the player and her mom will be pleased.


Friday, April 29, 2016


This is the first year for this clematis to bloom.  The foliage is very petite, and I was expecting tiny flowers.  Not so, the flowers are big, maybe five inches across, and they look bigger because the foliage is small.  I like this.

I finished the porch cushions yesterday, and made an extra throw pillow for the customer from matching fabric I bought to make a trial cushion.  I had used the serger for the cushions and I was in that mood, so I serged around the right-sides-together edges, serging off at the ends, and leaving an opening for turning.  On those square corners I used the serger to serge off small triangular corners and that worked great.  That pillow was done in no time.  I love things like that, things new to me.

I'm hoping to finish mowing today.  I had just started yesterday when the rain came.  Not too hard, so I did get my tiny front yard finished.  Next week needs to be a yard work week, the weeds are out of control!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Strange Morning

This morning I was snoozing peacefully, dreaming about something or other, when I heard something that sounded like a dish knocked over, followed by various creaks.  Don't worry, there was nothing amiss, and I think it must have been part of my dream when the furnace came on, bringing with it a clatter and associated noises.  Very strange, and the only thing I can think of is that it's been warm lately and the furnace has been quiet.

A few minutes ago, the power went out, followed by a bang from a transformer somewhere.  It's now restored.

Strange morning so far, and it looks like there will be another storm soon, we've had a lot lately.

Nevertheless, I'm determined that this morning I'm going to start, and maybe finish, the porch cushion covers that I'm redoing for a customer.  I don't know why I've been so reluctant to start this, it's not that hard, it's just new for me.  To boost my confidence, I bought a piece of fabric yesterday to make one cover to be sure that the pattern I sketched out is ok.  It is.

This is just one of those things that has grown in my head and needs to get finished!  And then I can work on the log cabin in the picture above.  It's really, really calling me.