Saturday, March 10, 2018


Don't you love the pattern for this nightgown that I made for a friend?  In the shorter version, or even this version, it can be a nice tunic.  Very easy and fun to make, very clear directions.  Liesl + Co Gallery Tunic + Dress.  

Pizza at lunch at work today, my boss is great.  I was reminded of why that local pizza restaurant is one of my favorites.  There's just something about the locals.

Did I get groceries yesterday?  Well, no.  I was reminded of that when (1) I went to wash a load of clothes and had no detergent and (2) when I had nothing for dinner.  The nothing for dinner part was easy, tofu pad thai from the local Chinese carry-out.  No Tide yet.

The Chinese restaurant had a sign on the cash register saying, "No tipping, please."  I never quite know what to do about tipping when I pick up food.  Do I tip at the pizza pick-up window, for example, or when the pizza restaurant has a designated pick-up area?  Definitely, I think, when a server gets my order, but how much?  Help, please. 

Friday, March 9, 2018

Off the Table

This little table topper makes me happy whenever I make it.  It's fun because it uses a charm pack, a sometimes irresistible package of 5" squares from one design collection.  You can use all those lovely designs and make something pretty other than a little quilt and know that it's going to look good.  Which Way by GE Designs.

I made the topper at a retreat months ago and it's been on my sewing machine table ever since, just hanging out and begging for the binding.  Which isn't even hard, even though it has all those turns.  Sometimes I just get overwhelmed or in a mood, or something has more priority.

I also finished a second God Bless America banner, since I had a good start from making a demonstrational hooping for the last class.  This one is primarily red, a departure from the more traditional red, white, and blue.  I just like red.  

By the way, the scorch marks on the first banner came out nicely with dabs of hydrogen peroxide, the 90% kind.  I had been using a lot of starch, so I don't know whether the results would be as good on unstarched fabric.

This morning, grocery shopping.  It just has to be.  If I wait until too late in the day, I just don't do it.  I'm looking forward to springing forward this weekend, when "late in the day" looks brighter.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Station Eleven

Station of the Cross 11 - Jesus promises his kingdom to the Good Thief.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Station 10

My church is displaying some simple Stations of the Cross for Lent and I agreed to do Station 10 (Jesus is crucified) and Station 11 (Jesus promises his kingdom to the Good Thief.)  I understand that these are a bit different from the traditional Catholic stations.   

This is my Station 10, with ripped pieces of grey/black fabric for the background, the cross with needles to represent nails, and a piece of white fabric to represent Jesus' clothing.  

It's March now.  The rain continues but the river is on its way down.  Onions and chives are poking up in the beds.  I am eager to cut down the ornamental grasses and start again.  To have prettiness in the beds again.  Something different every week.

And, I am eager to walk on the riverfront.  To see the lights on Riverfront Stadium.  First, though, there will be lots of good basketball.     

Friday, February 23, 2018

God Bless America Banner

Class project for tomorrow, I think everyone will enjoy it.  It looks like there is complicated placement to get the letters lined up, but the embroidery design takes care of that.  Yes, there is a scorch mark to the left of the "C."  Not sure whether I should try to get it out or leave it as an example of what not to do.  I am leaving the binding unsewn so folks can see how it goes on.  From Fabric Confetti by Vanessa.

My class teacher goal is to have everything in the car the night before.  Sometimes that happens, sometimes not, but it's looking good for this time.

My friend Carrye looked at the baby quilt with the skaters and trees and said she made the top and gave it to me to quilt.  No wonder I couldn't remember putting it together.  Sorry, Carrye, giving you credit now.

I really enjoyed Nora's band concert last night.  So many seventh graders in the band.  I have heard that her middle school is the largest in Ohio.  It is miraculous to me that they can take sixth graders who have never played an instrument and who can play together so well in seventh grade.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Kids, Stars, and Trees

Back to sewing after a trip to North Carolina for Winnie's dad's funeral.  Steph got the flu her second day there, so we stayed extra days.

I had found this baby quilt top unfinished.  I'm not sure why I stopped work on it, maybe the days went on and it seemed too winter-y.  It was a quick finish, and was half quilted before I left for North Carolina.  I love this fabric.  Perhaps I can consider it an Olympic theme.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Arts Weekend

Once again, Mennonite Arts Weekend is a beautiful memory.  For those of you who keep track of such things, next time will be February 7 - 9, 2020.

The beautiful soaring church is Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian in Cincinnati.  They graciously lend their wonderful facilities to Cincinnati Mennonite Fellowship, in exchange for a Sunday service and offering.  

This year's them was Seeds of Compassion:  "How Can Art Cultivate Cultures of Kindness?" In the mid-ground are the banners I made for artist Karen Newe and the Worship Planners.  From left to right, they represent Beginning in Earth, Sprouting and Growing, Bearing Fruit, Fading and Falling, and Returning to Earth.  Each was carried in separately at the appropriate place in the service.

Music, as always, was amazing.