Sunday, September 17, 2017

Snow Globe

Love this snow globe from the Kimberbell Jingle All the Way collection.  It uses clear vinyl from the big roll at the fabric store, I bought the thinnest they had.  I used a tube of beads from long ago, slowed down the machine, and kept pushing along the edges to keep the beads away from the needle.  You'll see a wall hanging in a bit, but I thought this was cute enough for a stand alone picture.

After finishing my projects, I packed up my machine and took it in for service.  Time gets away from me, and the last service tag showed that it had been longer than I liked since the last trip in.

The weather warmed up enough for a lovely evening at the Florence Freedom baseball game and a nice afternoon at Aaron's football game.  I love the trips home from the games when there's been a win and Aaron feels like he's played well.  (He did.)  There was contentment and good conversation - and hunger - from the back seat and we stopped at Wendy's in Amelia.

One of my goals is to show up at Adult Forum prior to the church service, so I need move a bit faster on this Sunday morning.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hello Autumn

I had been wishing for a project or two where I just follow the directions.  Not much thinking.  And I got my wish with this work project.  By Janine Babich.

I have another work project to quickly stitch out, and I'm enjoying that one too.  Sometimes there's just something about following the directions that soothes me.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Age Ten

Yesterday Aaron turned ten.  His dad did a good job ordering the cake.  Also, during the party, the football pinata came lose from its hanger on the first try.  And so, Aaron's dad took the candy to the house root top and tossed it off to the kids below.  The kids had a great time.  So did Dad, probably.

After Aaron's football game today.  His team lost, but he was happy with his game.

And to keep a record, here's a picture of his sister after the game.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Suddenly September 6

Recycling in Hendersonville.  Don't judge, there were six of us.  I see Madtree's Rounding Third, from Cincinnati.  Cider from Bold Rock Hard Cider, they had a lovely porch overlooking green fields, live music, and food.  Piscah Pale Ale, almost a local classic.

In the porch category, we had lovely pizza at La Strada in Lake Lure, sitting on the balcony overlooking the lake.  THAT Lake, think Dirty Dancing.

Before and after the Labor Day Weekend trip, I worked on a Little Mermaid costume.  Not the one with fins, the dancing one.  Skirt, blouse, and corset.  Did it take longer than I thought it would? Sure, but I hope the young woman enjoys dancing in it.

Between the sewing and a few work days and the quick trip, (well, not quick travel wise, there were delays there) it is suddenly September 6.  Oh, my.

My refrigerator is empty, so my first thing to do today is go to the grocery and buy everything I might usually buy.  And then, clean the studio.  It doesn't look good.  

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Purple and Green

The picture is a bit dark, but not very.  I found this lovely quilt top in one of those wonderful boxes from Joanne.  Full of deep purples and bright greens, triangles and circles.  Some baby and mama are going to be really happy.  The backing is a dark purple print that pretty much reads as dark purple.

The symmetry/asymmetry of it makes me smile and really love this quilt.  I'm sure there is a story.  Joanne?

Once I get a baby quilt finished, I hang it on the metal shelves in the office area with large quilt clips and spend some time enjoying it myself.  Since baby quilt group is Monday, I won't have long to enjoy this one.  The group will be going to lunch early so everyone can get home in time for the eclipse.

The dog and I are doing fine.  Four short walks and three tie-downs in the back yard each day.  Today we went to the top of the hill to the park, lots of sniffing there.  I'm sure there were plenty of deer watching from the brush.

Sigh.  The Reds' Joey Votto didn't tie Ted Williams record of getting on base twice for 21 games in a row.  Votto made it to 20, still in the record book.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


It's that time of year again, and one of my grand dogs is staying at my house for a week.  It's a bit different this year, she has a leg sprain or a torn ACL, either way she is limited in the number of walks she takes.  She is not happy about this.

But, for the most part, she is cheery.  A few treats, one of which has a pill for her leg.  A few bites of salmon.  A full water bowl.  Time in the back yard.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tuesday Morning

Gentle rain throughout the morning yesterday.  How wonderful.  Perhaps my squash and pumpkins will get a little growth spurt.  To go with the weeding they got this weekend.

My "job" yesterday was to hem a knit sleeveless overdress with side openings, very simple and elegant.  I am happy with how it turned out.  I want one more look at it in a bit.  It's black and I want to be sure I didn't miss anything, the stitches tend to bury in this kind of knit  I always try to do this kind of sewing early in the morning when my mind is fresh.

I missed saying Happy Birthday to my former co-worker yesterday.  I mean, I said it to her on facebook, and I'll be sending her a card, late,  but still, there is just something about smiling and singing over a cake, as we did for years.

As the summer goes on, my energy level is waning.  I think it's the same every summer.  I would think that summer would be my happy production time, but it doesn't seem to be that way.  I'm finding it very hard to stay motivated.

I looked up how much added sugar is ok and found that the recommended amount is only six grams.  Six!  Have you looked at a nutritional label?  Six grams hardly covers the pesky incidental sugar in bread or crackers or salad dressing.  Or half a cookie, maybe.