Wednesday, August 27, 2014

More Microwave Potholders for Small Bowls

My friend wanted some microwave potholders for bowls, which are so fun to make.  So far this week I've made six (they're doubled in the picture.)  I'm planning on making a couple more while I'm in the potholder zone.

If you want to make some, you can find a good tutorial here.  I do prefer that the pieced squares be 6 1/2" and the large one 12 1/4".  I like the darts to be 1 1/2" from the center at the top, going down 3".  This size works well for various sizes of small bowls.

I used to love collecting fat quarters and have lots, plus a lot of scraps.  I think that was back in the day when I knew that I wanted to quilt but didn't yet know just what I would quilt.  Now I rarely need fabric in that size, would prefer to get 1/2 yard if I see a fabric that I absolutely have to have, and rarely buy fabric just because I like it.

Where I'm going with this - these potholder are fun to make with those pretty fat quarters.  And if you just want to practice your walking foot piecing, this is your project.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Green Bag

I taught a class on Saturday, making this bag. Since it had been awhile since I'd made one, I made another before the class.  I like to be really prepared.  Over-prepared, if the truth were known.  It takes awhile to do the embroidery, but then the bag goes super quickly.  It's one of my favorite Viking projects (April.)

Thanks to Joanne for her thoughtful comment about bringing the begonia inside.  You can see her comment on August 19's post.  I would have just brought it in, wondered why it didn't do well, then decided that it really wasn't an indoor plant. Her information is really good, I'm sure she is a great teacher. 

The garden is looking a bit dedraggled.  The new rhubarb, after a few days of recovery, is now chewed down to the nubs.  I have some Russian sage ready to plant today.  And the summer squash, which is usually done by now, is producing like crazy.

I have so many projects to start on that I can't seem to decide on one.  I need to just start on one, any one, and see where things go.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Quilt for a Wedding


Early in the summer, I made a wedding gift quilt (throw size) using a pattern and fabric from Craftsy. I used lots of circular walking foot quilting, and I loved it.  At first, I didn't take a picture because it was a gift and I didn't want to put it on a blog post. And then, I boxed it up and mailed it and forgot to take a picture.

You'll just have to take my work that it was very pretty and that the circular quilting on the angular design of the quilt was a good choice. The picture above is from the Craftsy website and I hope they will forgive me for using it when I say that the pattern was great, the Robert Kaufman fabric was lovely, and the shipping was fast.  Maybe I'll ask the bride to send me a picture.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

One Last Summer Day

Yesterday, the day before school started, our first stop was to get Nora's hair cut.

She got a cute little shoulder length cut, just like she wanted.  Shoulder length, still long enough for a pony tail, requiring no styling - those were the requirements.  It turns up in the front and waves a little in the back, all on its own, perfect.

Then we went to the Levee for one last blast - hampster balls, Aquarium, riding the Duck, lunch at Tom and Chee, ice cream.  We did it all.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I have loved this begonia all summer.  It sits on the back porch, gets no direct sun, and is happy as can be.  As soon as the red flowers fall off, more take their place. 

It was on the "reduced" cart at Lowe's early in June, in a black plastic pot with a spider plant and some kind of grass.  Still a little pricey, but I really wanted it.  I'll definitely be bringing in the spider this fall. 

(JoAnn, can I bring the begonia inside too?)


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Chick Quilt

It's been awhile since there's been a quilt here, but the baby quilt group meets tomorrow and I needed to finish my donation quilt.  Lavender, yellow, and chick print.

Free motion quilting all over.  I got an Amazon gift card for my birthday and had been thinking about how to spend it. I decided on the Queen Size Supreme Slider, which I've been wanting for quite awhile.  For some reason, I pictured it as being the same size as the acrylic extension table for my Viking Sapphire, although the description clearly said 11.5" x 17".  Quite a bit smaller than the 18" x 24" table. 

I was a bit dismayed at the size, but . . . it works great, provides a nice slippery surface just like it's supposed to.  I had to pay attention to my moving-the-quilt speed because I could move the quilt so fast that I was almost getting eyelashes on the tiny circles, something that I haven't had to worry about for a long time.  The baby quilt got quilted quickly.

I wondered whether the Supreme Slider might slide around on the table, resulting in the needle opening being in the wrong place, but that didn't happen.  Great new tool.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Missing Summer Already

If the Bengals are playing a pre-season game tonight, and they are, then fall is truly on its way.  Our Friday at the "Downtown Park" will probably be our last visit this summer. I miss summer already, and it's still here.  Cooler than usual, but still here. 

Yesterday I was admiring the new cucumber vines, and this morning they were chomped.  Someone suggested cucumber beetles, but I don't think so.  Beetles wouldn't have knocked over the pot of Gerbena daisies nearby. I wish that my neighbors would plant a few goodies so the critters wouldn't always come to my house. 

I've been wishing for a little table to put beside my bed, just big enough for my phone and my glasses and Kindle. On my way out of the grocery store a few days ago, I spotted boxes of round glass-topped tables done in flower designs. I put my groceries in the car and went back in and got a turquoise and purple one. Reduced to $10.  Perfect, and if I get tired of it I can put it on my porch.  It was designed for porches anyway.