Monday, October 5, 2015


The worship banner is to help visualize the "wholehearted" theme of three Sundays.  Gray and white jelly-roll style background with heart and vertical strips in bright pink.

What I learned:  I did the background first and finished it quilt style, with organic walking foot horizontal quilting.  The heart was quilted separately with slanted walking foot straight quilting.  I started with half inch quilting, then decided to try 1/4" matchbox quilting.  What happened was, the heart pulled out of symmetry with all that slanted quilting.  This doesn't really bother me, I tend to make things too controlled, too even, and this got me out of that zone.  But, if I wanted to keep the symmetrical shape, I should have quilted vertically or horizontally.

Before I quilted, I cut out my heart and drew a line 1/2" inside the heart.  I quilted to the line and that's where I turned around.  At the end, I quilted on the line several times.  I cut with a pinking shears about 1/4" outside the line, turned in on the line, and pressed it down.  The pinking shears eliminated the need for cutting little lines around the curves.  It was easy to applique the heart and it stayed flat.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Last Home Game

One of my goals this year was to go to more Reds games (check) and another was to go to the last home game (check, yesterday.)

Last year's last home game was so awesome.  The sun was shining, the stadium was crowded, and in the bottom of the 8th inning the pitcher Johnny Cueto got a hit and an RBI.  In the 9th Aroldis Chapman pitched the save and Cueto got his 20th win for the season.  The crowd was happy and greeted the Reds ushers after the game, saying "See you next year."

This year was different.  It was rainy, the crowd was sparse and it seemed as if half the crowd was Cubs fans.  Chapman hasn't pitched in a long time because there has been nothing to save.  Cueto has been traded.  A rookie pitcher started again for about the 100th time this season.  

I had my favorite spot, a few rows up in the upper deck behind home plate.  After a little while I moved way up under the roof to stay dry.  There was plenty of room there.

But still, it was a good day.  I moved back down in the 7th inning and dried off my seat and didn't feel too bad about the loss.  Joey Votto got on base and if he does the same at the next away game he will tie Pete Rose's club record for getting on base in consecutive games.   I greeted a few people after the game and got two energy bars on the way out, passed out by Reds personnel who said that next year will be better.

One of the ushers looked as if he was around 80.  When I said, "See you next year," he replied "Oh, I'll be here."  I like that.

After a chilly night, I gave up and turned on the heat for the next day or so.  Today I'll put on the flannel sheets and tonight will be warmer.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Trick Or Treat

Sweet little Trick-Or-Treat Bag from Anita Goodesign In the Hoop Halloween.  4" x 5" x 2".  Next week I'm planning to make the Halloween Wall Hanging from the same design collection.

Tomorrow is the last Reds home game and I have my ticket printed and ready.  They may set a club record tonight for the most losses in a row, but I'm still looking forward to the game tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Number Ten

Thanks to Connie H. for the flannel and pattern from Villa Rose Designs to make this tenth NICU baby quilt for the year.  I adapted the pattern - it shows more piecing on the left side.  I needed a smaller quilt.  There is another block of light patterned fabric at the top but it was hanging over the couch.  

And, a pieced back.  I wasn't sure how my usual tight quilting would look with the flannel, but there is more texture than with smooth cotton.  I did prewash the flannel to get some of the shrinkage out.  I thought about washing it after quilting to see how much difference that would make, but I know they will wash it again at the hospital so I didn't.

I used Best Press on the flannel before I cut it out to give it a little stability for cutting nicely.  I love that stuff.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

More Hendersonville Snippets

Snippets part two.  Above is a rose from the garden Sarah was watering.  The fragrance was amazing, and I can't smell that well.  I'm guessing that it was an heirloom rose.

It was fun to try out the kayaks and the paddle boat that Winnie and Sarah have purchased.  I had never done either before and they were a treat.

Above are a couple of flights from The Wedge brewery in Asheville.  

And here is Winnie checking out the chickens at The Wedge.  I guess they live there, at least during warm weather when there are peanuts to be had.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Snippets from Hendersonville

Steph, Bridget, Helen, and I went to Hendersonville, North Carolina, to visit Winnie, Sarah, and Walt.  Here are today's snippets. 

Since this has been a camping weekend in other years, I made this campfire cake above inspired by a picture in Country Living.  If you try it, use hard candies (like the magazine suggests) instead of gummy ones for the flames.  These were the right colors but soon wilted.

There might have been some deck partying with lovely candles and lights.

I went with Sarah to Asheville one morning when she watered some plants for a friend.  I checked out the HGTV Urban Oasis house in West Asheville.  I hope I win it.  Oh, and Sarah and I had breakfast at Biscuit Head.  Their butters and jams are wonderfully yummy.

Before coming home on Sunday we stopped at Discount Shoes in Asheville.  There are SO many pairs of shoes there, but only Winnie's dad found a pair.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

On the Design Wall

From my design wall.  I have this dream that during Thanksgiving week I can give some folks their holiday-themed Christmas gifts.  It's a nice dream.

My go-to machine is in for service and I'm sewing with the machine I usually use for embroidery.  It's a wonderful sewing machine, it's usually just set up for embroidery so I use the other machine.  I have heard that if you have a sewing-embroidery combination, it's important to use it for sewing as well as embroidery.  I don't know whether that is true.

There is a new Viking machine coming out soon.  It's embroidery computer screen is much like a tablet, you can pinch and expand with your fingers to make designs larger or smaller.  Pretty darn nice.  And, you can synch the machine with your iPhone to keep track of how long until the next thread change.  Of course, there are other new goodies too, but those are the ones that strikes my fancy today.  I don't think they've yet incorporated my wish, which is for a digital clock in the corner, like on a Windows screen.  Sometimes I just want to sew until the last possible minute.