Saturday, May 23, 2015

Lots of Cooking

Between fixing a meal for a family with a new baby and fixing a few sides for a dinner tonight, I've been busy cooking today.  When that happens, it's usually my favorite things.  

No pie this time, though, although I love to make pies.  Chicken noodle soup with those frozen noodles.  Chocolate chip cookies with just a little cornmeal for a sandy crunch, a big double batch.  Oatmeal bread from More With Less cookbook, four loaves because my freezer is always happier when it has oatmeal bread.  Potato salad, because it's a holiday weekend.  And applesauce, because my grand boy loves it.

There was also an early morning trip for bags of mulch, which I need to unload soon.  This weekend I want to get the mulching finished on my front beds.  Do some planting so there is nothing in nursery containers.  The weather looks perfect, so that may happen.  

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

That Kind of Day

Aaron has been sick for four days, sick belly, listless, low grade fever and finally earned himself a trip to Urgent Care last night.  They said he will probably be fine in a few more days, keep drinking fluids.

He started complaining on the ride home, was sick again when he got home, and promptly passed out for the night, saying that he usually doesn't go to bed when it's still light out.  I told him that if it were winter it would be dark and he pondered on that for a minute or so.

A few hours before, his mom had an unscheduled root canal and felt so much better that she too went to sleep when it was still light.  

Today is a new day.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Early Zoo

How could I not know that pass holders can go to the zoo an hour early, at 9 a.m?  

And how could I not know that the 1/4" piecing foot with a guide for the Viking Interchangable Dual Feed Foot was exactly what I needed?  I should have bought one as soon as they came out.  The walking foot pretty much lives on my machine these days and this is perfect for me.

What I did know is that, when making a jelly roll quilt, the first two strip sets take forever to sew together.  I'm making one using scraps and the scrap set is sewn onto a set of white strips.  The pattern specifically says to not iron the piecing until the quilt is pieced, but I just HAVE to iron anyway.  Even though the pattern says that's OCID (obsessively compulsive ironing disorder.)  

This might sound strange, but you'll see it soon.  I have no idea what size this will be, but I do know that it will be larger than the baby quilt I'm making.  I'm using 2 1/4" strips instead of 2 1/2", just because I cut 2 1/4" for my bindings and had lots of leftover pieces.  

It's like one of life's lessons:  you don't always need to know when you'll come out as long as you know you're going in the right direction.

Sunday, May 17, 2015


My neighbor has a lovely pool and she invited the kids over yesterday.  It was their first time swimming this year (I think) and they had a lovely time.  

One of her daughters went out for Skyline Chili and the kids thoroughly enjoyed the hot dogs.  And then when we came home they ate chicken tenders and apple slices.  Goodness.  

They enjoyed the art box and watched several episodes of Sponge Bob.  Aaron actually said, "I feel creative," and propped up his feet and drew a picture.  Totally out of character for him.  Usually he concentrates on the paper punches and the paper crimper.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Star Wars Night

Last night was Star Wars night at Great American Ball Park.  Those are rolled up give-away posters the kids have, not light sabers.

The starting players for Cincinnati are on the score board, with their Star Wars hoods.

Unfortunately for us, the Reds lost 10 - 2, but there was extra excitement when there was a fire in the smoke stacks.  Notice the seats under and to the side of the smoke stacks where fans were evaculated.  And the diagonal lines going up to the stacks are ladders from the Cincinnati Fire Department.  A couple of firemen climbed up them.

Luckily, the Friday night fireworks were shot off a river barge and not from the stacks.  The fireworks with Star Wars music were pretty spectacular.

Going to the game was a last-minute thing.  I had thought that if the Reds were out of town on the 4th that Star Wars night was off for that year.  Not so.  And, the night before there was a 50% chance of rain so getting tickets didn't sound like a good idea.  By morning, though, the rain chance was 20%, and even though there was thunder and showers at 4:00, things were great for the game.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Last of the Broom Plant

This is the last of my broom plant.  It had lovely little spring flowers and organic drooping branches and swayed nicely in the breeze.  Unfortunately, it had begun to list to one side, with the pretty branches on one side and brown twig branches on the other side.  Not a good look for a front yard bed, and it was too firm to stake.  Yesterday I dug it out, and the bed really does look better without it, much as I hated to get rid of it.

Pictures from Wednesday evening, when both grands had games.  It's so nice this year that they usually both play on the same fields.  Here's Aaron batting,

and here he is catching, which is his fave position of the three he plays:  pitcher for the pitching coach, right fielder, and catcher.  Since I was watching Aaron's game, I didn't get pictures from Nora's game.  Both teams won and everyone went home happy.

I was so proud of Aaron.  When he and another little boy were packing up, he said, "Good job on the game ball, Tyler."  I'm sure he'd love to have the game ball too, but he was genuinely happy for his team mate.  He has such a nice generosity of spirit.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sunshine Quilt

The embroidery is on this baby gift quilt, with space on the bottom for name and birth date.  Of course I didn't want the whole verse, so it says "You Are My Sunshine, You Make Me Happy, How Much I Love You."  I mentioned before that the pattern is a disappearing nine patch.

Got to say that I love, love the design positioning on my Viking Diamond.  It makes placement so much easier, since each line took two hoopings.  I used a wash-away stabilizer, trimmed it closely, and gave the quilt a wash.  It turned out softly crinkly, which I like.

Maybe, in a perfect world, I would have done the embroidery before the quilting so it wouldn't show on the back.  I thought about that, then decided that I'd rather have the embroidery on top of the quilting so the quilting would be consistent.  I used the same gray thread on the bottom that I used on the top and the back looks neat, it's just that the lettering is reversed.  

Deep breath, and on to the next baby quilt.