Saturday, March 18, 2017

Words of Wisdom

Words of wisdom from Nora:  Sewing is relaxing.

This time she learned how to thread the machine, next time will be winding the bobbin.  I don't want her to get overwhelmed with everything right away and lose her joy.  She made a pretty quilted pillow.  And I got to trim down my stash a little more.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Mug Rugs

Spring mug rugs from Kimberbell Mug Rugs, Volume 2.  I love these, may just have to look for the volume 1 design collection.

Spring has gone away in my part of the world, predictably, since it was too early.  And now it is cold again.  My dreams of flowers on hold.

Friday, March 10, 2017


Thanks to Ginny, who donated packs of challenge fabric to our baby quilt group.

The pattern is adapted from Erin Harris' Tidal Wave Quilt in the Spring 2015 edition of Modern Patchwork.  It's the first time in quite awhile that I actually followed directions.  The challenge fabrics are in the triangles and the binding.  And the backing.

My next baby quilt may just come from the same magazine.  It's just one of those magazines that has several quilts that I may actually just make.  You know, it's the magazine we always hope we'll find.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Smaller Runner

I wanted a slightly smaller table runner for the class I'll be teaching to give students a different choice and to give them a better chance of finishing.  Still the same pattern.  Husqvarna Viking.  The first runner required making four checkerboards, this one only two.

I enjoyed reading today's Washington Post article about the Statue of Liberty going dark last night.  The National Park Service says that the outage was because of replacement of faulty lighting equipment, but the internet offered other explanations:

*protest of the President generally and, more specifically, his new travel ban,
*So the Statue could get a "Nevertheless, she persisted" tattoo,
*Participation in "A Day Without a Woman,"
*Russian hackers.

I hope that however you fall on the political spectrum, you can enjoy with me a bit of lightheartedness today.


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Balls on Logs

I had made this little log cabin some time ago but decided to applique on some circles and make it a baby quilt.  Turns out that I like it very much.

I went to see both grands play basketball Saturday since their games were both close to home and both in the afternoon.  This is Aaron waiting after Nora's game.  He always takes a basketball with him, hoping to get in some shooting at half time.

Like some of my friends, I'm trying to look through things at my house with a critical eye.  Do I really need, or even like, this and that?  When I moved here ten years ago, I was pleased with how I'd gone through things before the move.  Of course, there have been times since then when I've thought, "I can't believe that I paid to move that."  

But it's the little stuff that tends to collect at my house.  In drawers.  On closet shelves.  In the basement.  And it's the art supplies.  I like art supplies, and quilt supplies.  They are hard to resist.

One of my friends says that she doesn't want her things to end up on the 25 cent table at a yard sale.  A good philosophy for using up the good stuff. 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Little Pot Holders

These are little potholders.  They go over the end of the pot handles that are metal, without the rubberized protection.  A nice lady gave me one she'd bought years ago and asked me to duplicate it and make six.  They went out in the mail today.

Also in the mail, this bib:

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Snowman Quilt

Maybe there will be a big snow for us yet this year, there surely will be, and a preemie baby's parents will be happy for this quilt to remember the snowy birth.  Or, maybe next winter.

Yesterday was a day off school for the grands and we went to play laser tag.  Their local laser tag location will be closing in about a month, so there were gift certificates to use.  OK, maybe we went a little crazy with using them up.

I think most people around here are following the story of the Cincinnati Zoo's preemie hippo, born in late January.  Last week a team from Cincinnati Children's Hospital helped zoo vets place an IV line for the little hippo.  Its veins had collapsed with previous IV's, but this one is still doing well.