Saturday, May 19, 2018

Day Before Penecost

Tomorrow is Pentecost, so I've just finished working on a "flame" church banner.  It will be interactive, with children adding flames, the ones you see in piles at the bottom with bits of velcro so they will stick well.  At the top, though, no one can reach, so I fused flames there.  Those flames also add a bit of shape.    Fingers crossed that there will be lots of children adding their flames.  By lots, I mean at least ten or twelve.

I got up at 7:00 this morning to finish the banner and to watch the royal wedding.  What I really wanted to see was the dress, but I found that I enjoyed the ceremony, with the black bishop's sermon and his MLK references.  When the bride walked herself down the aisle it made a stunning statement.  And "This Little Light of Mine,"  amazing.

I hope our president can refrain from tweeting about the size of the crowd waiting on the streets. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Floral Monogram

Work sample is Anita Goodesign Floral Monogram.  The "M" could stand for Mom, but in this case it doesn't.  Hope all mothers had a nice Mother's Day.

I enjoyed all the Mother's Day posts on facebook.  Pictures of older mothers when they were young.  Pictures of mothers and babies.  So many pictures.

There is rejoicing in Reds country because the Reds have won six games in a row.  Since their record is 14 - 27, you can understand the reason for rejoicing.  Who would have thought?

The grands have informed me that they have 13 more days of school.  They are both ready for summer, for sleeping in and no homework.  Lots of swimming is planned this summer.

Last night I talked with the mother of the bride whose dresses I worked on and she said that the wedding was perfect.  My heart is happy.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Rainy First Saturday in May

And it rained.  All day.  Aaron's baseball game was rained out.  Nora's softball team played in the rain.  And the track at the Kentucky Derby is muddy.  That's an actual track condition, muddy.

The bride dress I have been working on has gone out the door, but not yet out of my head.  Last night when I went to sleep I was dreaming about still adjusting the length.

And today, I feel anxious. Not going to the doctor anxious.  Not too-much-to-do anxious.  Not political news anxious.  Just, anxious . . .

If I could just get going, just do a few things, I might feel better.  But, for today, I feel stuck.  I'll just relax and watch those horses on that muddy track.  Admire those roses.  Hear the back stories.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Cotton Kind of Person

I'm a cotton kind of person.  I like the crispness, the ability to press a sharp crease, the precision that can come with cotton.  

For the past weeks, though, I've been working a lot with satin and tulle.  Hemming.  Altering.  This is a one-time thing for me, this appreciation of different fabrics.  One particular wedding.  If you were to ask me to do another another, I'd nicely say "no."

I'm eager to get back to cotton, along with some smaller sewing jobs.  I'm eager to get back to planning those baby quilts in my head and watching them come into being.

It's been fun to do a pretty rolled hem on a soft satin, to watch a dress that totally didn't fit to now zip up just right.  To admire all those layers of tulle.  To appreciate Gutterman's specialty serger thread that's a dream on fussy fabrics.  But how wonderful to go to the fabric store and choose 1 1/2 yards of a well-behaved cotton for a backing and binding.  That's what makes me smile. 

Sunday, April 29, 2018

In the Car

Nora's softball team played a double header yesterday morning.  It was 51 degrees and windy when the first game started and 49 degrees and windy when the second game ended.  For the first game I sat on my chair and for the second I sat in the car.

And this morning, even though it's still early, 36 degrees.  So yesterday could have been worse.

After the games, we went out for lunch and warmed up.  My favorite part of it all.

Even at Nora's age, there is just something about being an only child.  Aaron had his own game at a different ball field with his own lunch plans afterwards.  Nora and I could take our time and chat, just us.  Time to be cherished.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Pink Premmie Quilt

Thanks to Joanne for piecing this pink baby quilt for our group. It really is a beauty.  Some family will be thrilled.

I'm realizing that my cropping wasn't the best, the sashings are nicely equal in the actual quilt.  The quilting extends from the squares into the sashings.  That seems to work best for me.

It has been a dismal start for the Cincinnati Reds, but last night made two wins in a row.  For the first time this year I heard fireworks after home runs and at the end of the game.  Not the first time it's happened, but the first time I've heard them.  Before Monday, the Reds were 3 and 20-something.  Hearing those fireworks was just good for my spirit.

The bridesmaid dresses I've been altering are picked up and gone.  And, they FIT. 

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Spring at the Lake

Springtime.  In North Carolina, at least.  

Sarah's and Winnie's three small dogs were Asheville city dogs, prominading and visiting parks, when Winnie's parents were still living.  Now the dogs have their own park every day, with a neighborhood lake.  A large yard.  Would they still be happy city dogs?

I saw a facebook memory from a year ago.  Easter.  Nora and Aaron were kayaking on the lake, and Aaron's kayak flipped over.  Nora was towing Aaron and his kayak to shore.  What a good visit.  Lots of Easter eggs to hunt in that big yard.  Good memories.