Monday, July 6, 2009

Snowflakes and Blue

I'm glad I decided to change the flowers from Dots and Daisies to snowflakes. The design on the right, three blocks down, was supposed to be a sun.

The snowman is from a design build into my sewing machine, with Warm 'n Natural batting for the applique'd body.
Lettering is from my software.

I used stitch in the ditch around the squares and sashing, then tied white knots on the sashing. It had been forever since I'd knotted a quilt, and I didn't have doll needles then to make it much easier. My mother and grandmother almost always knotted instead of quilting - I want to do more of it.
And I want to do more lettering. I was thinking about that today, how to make that work, other than with software.

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Anonymous said...

That's adorable! It feels like Christmas - in July ! Feels good !