Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Alligators and Armadillos

Nora's asking for a Wizard of Oz quilt got me to thinking that I wanted to make a Noah's Ark quilt for Aaron. His birthday's in September, so it's time to get going on that.

I figured I could make one little creature every day, then realized that a pair a day would be better since I'd have design and threads out. These are applique and they go pretty fast. I haven't counted to see how many pairs there are, I just know there are lots.

It gives me so much joy to dig around in my fabrics to find just the right piece for these creatures. And I can just imagine Aaron touching each one and calling it by name. The green pique background fabric has just a little raised design to it, making it fun to touch.

And by the way, not my news, but the little guy is 36" tall and weighs 29 1/2 pounds. Ninty-seventh percentile for height and 54th for weight, much like his sister's always been.

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