Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Trip to Graeter's

Tonight Nora and I went to Graeter's, which has some of the best ice cream in Cincinnati. Steph had a coloring contest sheet that we were able to trade for an ice cream cone. The cashier said she'd be sure Nora's picture got hung up with all the others. Did you ever see a better picture of a Kings Island roller coaster?
Vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate chip? Chocolate chip! (Actually, they have other flavors too, but why complicate things?

Good choice - Graeter's chocolate chip has some really big chocolate chunks.

True - Graeter's is irresistible - but so's the girl.

The pink on the cone is my raspberry sorbet - Nora wanted a bit on her cone.

It's been a cool, rainy day, but the place was packed. Cones were definitely the favorite.

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Anonymous said...

Great picture, Nora made ! Her cone looked yummy !Connie you're right about the girl !!!