Monday, July 20, 2009


This afternoon I stopped in at the aquarium for a quick look at their new jellyfish exhibit. I'd seen it, sort of, before, but spent most of the time watching Nora jumping up to touch pictures of jellyfish as they floated by, projected on a blue wall.
A trip to the aquarium is so different without kids in tow - ironically, it seems much more chaotic without them. I guess with them I'm just part of the chaos and don't notice it.

The jellyfish were floating peacefully by, seemingly oblivious of everything around them.

Their new digs are ever so nice, including towers of jellyfish that make it easier for more people to enjoy them.

Closed this time was the shark cage, which is a combination close-up movie and a floor that shakes. The sign said it was being repaired because the sharks got too rowdy. Hmmmm.

Glad I missed that.

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Anonymous said...

I love the jellyfish room - I am glad it is open again.