Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Yesterday when I mentioned putting pony tail elastics around my embroidery threads to keep them from unraveling, this is what I meant.

I'm not Type A about very many things, but these are my treasures, after all.

Some may be wondering about the Coats and Clark threads mixed in among the others, and yeah, I've seen the magnification pictures that show that it's a rougher thread. My machines don't seem to mind it, though, and it does cost a lot less. If I could have anything, I'd have a basket full of wonderfully silky Robison Anton (hard to find around here,) and I do use the big Sulky spools for the colors I use most often. I am fussy about metallics, though, and only use Yenmet. It's incredibly well behaved.

I have an assignment to make a sample using a pattern called Dots & Daisies. It's supposed to be flowers, but I've decided to see if it can translate into snowflakes. We'll see. Our next seminar is Christmas in July and that would fit right in.

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