Monday, June 29, 2009

Organizing Day

No sewing today - I just had to do some organizing/cleaning before I could be creative again. It takes a lot to get me to that point, but there it was. I still have a long way to go - I'm looking at a trashed desk right now - but I feel like I can breathe a little.

I got three of these plastic shopping totes at the Dollar Store,

one for dots, one for linens and one for stabilizers. They hold quite a lot - I was able to get all my stabilizers off the floor except for one 25-yd roll. Dots and linens are what I'm into right now and I wanted to keep them accessible.

My shelves of fabrics separated by color were ever so messy where I'd pulled out my selections. Better now. Do I really need all these? Yes, of course.

I spent ages in the basement, too. Put up two sets of shelving, the stuff that holds 900 pounds. One for paint cans, rollers, drop clothes, etc., and the other for all those little containers, spray bottles, buckets, etc. that I use for dyeing fabric. When I was at the $ store I got some dishpans to load them into. There's also space for my metal basket of dust masks, clothes pins, clips, rubber bands, etc. Between the shelving there is a space for plexiglass that I spread some fabric on.

I really meant to get some pony tail bands at the $ store to put around those Robison Anton-type embroidery spools that are always coming unwound, but I forgot. Another day for that.

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Vicki W said...

Of course you need all of that.....and more!