Thursday, June 5, 2014

Last Day

This morning was Aaron's kindergarten graduation from his public school, where he attended two or three days a week, depending on the school schedule. Last week was his final day at Garden Montessori kindergarten, where he went two days a week.  He is now a first grader and next year he'll attend the same school every day.

Siblings got to leave class to attend the graduation, so Nora got to go, then she went back to class and Aaron went to my house.  We picked Nora up at the end of the school day and went to Orange Leaf to celebrate the last day of school.  Just so happened that the kids celebrated at school with a build-you-own sundae bar, so she had half a smoothie at Orange Leaf.

She turned out to be a smoothie fan, so I'll have to look for some recipes.  And, with summer here, I need to pay attention to the grocery list that Aaron made out for me:  pork chops, french fries, chocolate milk, socks, tater tots, ice cream bars, hamburgers, meat loaf, roast beef, ham, bologna, baked wheat crackers.  The kid is a meat eater.

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