Monday, June 16, 2014

For Sarah - Yard

For Sarah, who wanted yard pictures:

I like to let my Halloween pumpkins decompose during the winter and have some garden fill during the spring.

And, I'm such a yard work turtle, not one of those people whose yards look lovely on the first of May.  I keep working a bit at a time, filling in as the summer, and the years, go on.  There is still lots to do this summer.

And then there's the back yard, barely started, oh, my goodness.  A couple of years ago I had two large but sadly unhealthy trees removed, and now I have a sunny back yard to work with.


Joanne S said...

Your garden spaces look nice. Color and welcoming.
I think "getting it all done" at once is overrated and doesn't give you room to change your mind or try new things. My back garden is good healthy grass with two beds of flowering shrubs. Trees for shade. And that's it. No annuals.

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Thanks for posting. Also, that pie looks delicious.